A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

A Light Bound Tome – The Journal of Padija Ravalta, Final Entries.

Page Eleven

Compassion is a trait in many that has become seemingly rare. I have written an in-depth history of the struggles your father and I have faced in the past weeks. Today, I can only seem to say that those struggles are behind us. The war is not over but the battle has been won. By the grace and power of a man named Anetho Dawnpride, I have been pardoned of my supposed crimes against the State.

The Inquisitor does not have the power to put me on trial again for some time.

My work can resume and I can go home, so long as I remember that I do still have aspirants to teach in Hearthglen.

The remainder of the page is a scribble of musical notes, often times crossed out and rewritten.


Page Twelve

Philosophy is an intangible thing. It resides in our hearts and in our minds. And yet, this intangible thing can invoke strife, warfare, comraderie and it can create new cultures altogether. Your father gave me the task of uncovering the truth behind folklore in regards to the ley lines of Azeroth. What do I know of the ley lines? I cannot feel them, I cannot tap them, I do not use them. My knowledge of them and what purpose they serve is limited to your father and the books I can find. In chasing after your fathers’ goals, I discovered a philosophy.

I might’ve discovered a philosophy.

Chasing the tales of Pandaria’s Ley Lines have lead me to each of the temples of the August Celestials. In and around these temples, I have found evidence of the existance of the Light. This is a land that for thousands of years only existed in the hearts and minds of our most ancient mythos. And yet, there is no denying the symbolism carved into the doors and in the walls.

These Celestials, are akin to the beings we know as the Eternals. The power and belief they hold over their people is powerful, but unlike the ideas of Belore or the once held belief in God, they are tangible. They exist. And they grant audience.

I have reported these findings and under the encouragement of your father, I have ventured to the North to continue my research in Ulduar before I take my philosophy back to the priests and sages of the Pandaren.

While I fought the Scourge, your father protected Azeroth against the Old Gods and the destruction of Azeroth at the hands of the Titans. The toll it took on his mind may never be known to either of us, and while he would prove to be an asset in my search here, I am loathe to have him at my side right now.

While I piece together the ancient philosophies of my faith, your father will be continuing with his own work. Our knowledge is blossoming while our marriage fails. The journey to piece together my theory will be a long one and I hope the labours of it are as sweet as the glow of the Light itself.


Page Thirteen

Looking up at the ceiling of the Celestial Planetarium or down at the floor, the room seems to be the very land of Azeroth. Round and surrounded by the constellations we have built the cultures and mythologies of our races around. Above and below reside not just angels but the symbolism of Light’s grace. Just as I found carved into the temple doors of the August Celestials.

I am not surprised by this fact, the Light, as we know it, has evolved from the earliest human-based faith. That evolution hints at an older beginning as proven by the Draenei. No longer is it a religion revolving around a singular entity or any entity at all. It has become a faith based on philosophy. In seeing these frescoes at the two polar centers of the constellations, I wonder if the Light is the faith of the Titans themselves.

If it is the faith of the Titans themselves then the words of Uther Lightbringer could not be more true, “We are inherently unworthy, simply because we’re human, and all human beings–aye, and elves, and dwarves, and all the other races–are flawed. But the Light loves us anyway. It loves us for what we sometimes can rise to in rare moments. It loves us for what we can do to help others. And it loves us because we can help it share its message by striving daily to be worthy, even though we understand that we can’t ever truly become so.”

In fact, if the Light is the faith of the Titans, who, the Dwarves believe made us in their image, then many of the questions regarding the Light are answered. We are flawed, there is no question to that. Regardless of the image we were made in, we have allowed ourselves to wallow in the basest of negative emotions. We continue to struggle for power and in that struggle we utilize the most devastating means we can. We look to corrupting powers as strength, powers such as the Fel and the Arcane. The latter of which the Titans only strove to understand. They understood the corruptive nature of the Arcane and refused to wield it themselves.

On Azeroth we have seen the power of the Arcane and the destruction it can bring and yet, we regale the mages who temper its currents and weave it into our daily lives. The very city we live in, in fact, all of Quel’thalas is powered by the Arcane. Even after the destruction and rebuilding of our Sunwell, the lessons of the past have not been learned. Our food, weather and lives are infused and manipulated by the Arcane. Our government is run by those who utilize the Arcane and worse, the Fel.

Warlocks and their arts are reviled, but they are symbols of power. They are in their essence, manipulative, power-hungry, conniving and dishonest. Each and every action they make comes with a price, just as their power comes with a price. There is nothing to be done out of the good of a Fel-weavers heart.

It is no surprise that the Titans would send Algalon to destroy Azeroth and her people in order to begin anew when you look at our history, when you look at the products of our research. The people of Azeroth have done her no favours. The Sundering, the opening of the Dark Portal, the corruption of the Legion and the waking of Deathwing. The weapons of warfare we use to decimate each other. Each and every one of these things is an affront to principles of the Light. And the Light is woven around us, it is in every aspect of our lives on this planet and even off of this planet.

To continue my research into this theory, I believe the natural course is to follow in the culture that has thrived around their faith in the Eternals. From Ulduar to the Moonglade to see if maybe there is more to the belief in the Light of Elune.


The ashes of tome that was are swept away by a light breeze over the landscape of the Ghostlands.


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