A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

The Lost and Final Entry from Aay’han Ahi (SWG)

Armide was returning to Mandalore.  The thought of venturing to see her had passed through her mind, when Zeke looked up at her from the repairs they were performing on Eltich’s Vigo, she knew the same thought had gone through his.  They both shrugged, whether they would do it or not remained to be seen.  The Twi’lek climbed down from the wing and slipped out of the hanger, there was too much work to get done for her to take too long of a break, but something was changing.  People were returning to their roots and life was going on.  The war was over.  Through the datafeed of her cybernetic lekku, Aay’han could hear the muffled snores of her son and the breathing of her husband.  She didn’t know how to look back over the time that had passed, what lead from the small laboratory she ran in the pits of Lok to Mandalore.  None of it made sense. Chaos rarely did.  It was one of the failsafe lessons, there was a beauty to chaos once you recognized that while it could be understood, it would never make sense.  Her lekku slinked over her shoulders to curl and twist around each other as she looked up to the stars.

Looking to the stars is when she was always reminded of the woman she was.  It was where she found Ayy’shiri.  Tonight, as her body began to twist and move in the Lokian Jig taught to her too long ago, she wondered of the friends she once had.  Who had survived the war, who would profit and who would be destroyed.  She had heard nothing on Mandalore and in many ways it was fine by her.  Sometimes, on nights like these, she missed them all.  Kaliper and the antics they had, chasing after him throughout the Backfire just to get it fixed.  Poe’kunal and the way he’d stare at her anytime she moved or talked, the way he was constantly protecting her.  Or trying to.  Her father… she missed him more than she cared to admit.  He never responded to her comm message and her ties to the Demar had been all but severed once Icarus was delivered to them.  Lamythia, the student she failed.  She wished to tell Lamythia that she was merely overwhelmed, but there were other extinuating circumstances.

Slowly, she turned on her heel to make her way back into the hanger.  “Zeke, want to help me power up our birds?”

“Your turn to play?”

“While the babies are sleeping… you know how I have to do things now.”

“Right.  Dragon Spine?”

She nodded quickly and the two of them began the preparations of the Vaksai and the Belbullab-22.  The past was just that, it was a collection of lessons learned and stories gathered. The present and the future that laid before were something Aay’han Ahi once Ayy’shiri, never could’ve or would’ve imagined for herself.  At her side, was a human being who shared her mind and she his.  They worked together perfectly in all things. They were a force to be feared on the battlefield and in a game of bolo-ball.  For all her research, she never could’ve built an artificial intelligence unit like Ezekial Ahi.

Climbing into the cockpit of her Belbullab-22, Kara La’ar, she kissed the tips of her fingers before brushing them over a holograph of her husband, taken when she had first shown him the field she had prepared for him outside of Crusher’s Junction.  Another story.  He had almost killed her accidently, both he and Zeke. And later, she begged him to kill her, a request that over time would lead to his training of her and the present that they all shared.



They made the journey to the Dragon’s Spine in the Tatoo System and the route itself in perceived silence. Her questions went unasked but answered all the same. When they did speak, it was usually out of respect for others in their presence. When you share a mind, what use are words?


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