A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

The Gypsy Logs (Poy’shiri, SWTOR)

Entry One:

I got pinched. This mynock got me by my lekku and hauled me to this shady little Hutt run cantina on Hutta. (Aren’t they all shady and Hutt run there?) Now, mind you, I was passing off this load of glitterstim as ryll. I knew it wouldn’t hold up with any knowledgeable buyer, but that’s part of the grift. The con. You find the peedunkys and move the frotzin’ bolshit. Anyways, the entire situation had gone bad and wasn’t what I’d call one of my best moments but everyone screws up sometimes. By getting caught, I lost it all. My ship was sold out from under me (it was a piece of shit anyways), my freedom was offered up to the highes— why lie? The lowest bidder. This is how I got introduced to the life of slavery in a gilded cage. I say gilded because in all honesty, it wasn’t too bad. Shake my ass, gasbag with the customers. The servicing spacers and mynocks wasn’t that grand, but everything has a trade off. All I had to do was keep my lekku straight, I couldn’t even do that. Not when I met him at least. He’s how I got into trouble. Again.

He had come into the cantina, not to watch the dancers – I’m sure that was a perk – he was running a con. I know a fellow grifter when I see one. His game was simple and frotzin’ brill. Huttball, the game was taking place but he wasn’t registering the bets he was taking. He took thirty bets and paid out for five. The folks in the cantina caught on pretty quick, sure. By the time they did, however, he was out the door and he had me with him.

Shancolo Marsol. That’s his name and it was the name tossed into the pool of mynocks right alongside mine. After a few years together, and a few marital vows, I’ve learned a thing or two about Shan. He can’t run a con for shit. He can find the best cheap cargo loads for us to make into something worth turning around, however. And he might just make the best plant in a crowd. Or pimp… or announcer, sometimes he even plays the victim.

That’s the trick with us grifters. We have roles to play, it ain’t like everyone else in the Galaxy. No one likes a con artist, not unless they’re turning profit for them. We’re usually on our own and the black is a big place for a couple of folks like us.

Ain’t that long ago, while Shan and I came across this barve who said he might have a crew we’d fit into. Shan doesn’t believe it. He’s been on his own a lot longer than I have with this shit though. I’m willing to listen, I’m willing to talk. Sooner or later the mynocks will catch up to us or worse. And when that day comes, it’ll be good for someone to have our backs. Or, in the surprising circumstance, for us to have someone’s back.

Entry Two:

If there’s a bad place in this universe… I’m going there. I’ll be entirely disappointed if I don’t. I made some good credits last night pullin’ some peedunky I never should’ve gotten away with. Past few acts haven’t netted anything, I needed to pull at some purse strings and some heart strings. Orphans. Yep. I went there.

Last night I was Ambassador Jiljoo’vida representin’ Operation Hope Restored. The entire operation, as I told it was supposed to help get orphans off Ord Mantell. Now, I’ve been there on a few jobs, I know what’s happening there, which is why I say I’m goin’ to a very bad place one day. The act work, I netted a good four grand. Should be enough to float me until I get ahold of this woman Nia. That is, if that barve Tal comes through, if he doesn’t, I might have another contact to go through for another employment option. Found myself a plant last night accidently. Stiffed him on the makings, but he won’t ever know.

I ain’t sure if he’ll be joinin’ me tonight, but I got a plan. From the One Credit Store on Coruscant, I picked up a cargo bay full of solar power cells, they only work for an hour or so and I think it’s time I go back to Tatooine. Personal Solar Powered Air Conditioning Units should make a good deal of caps.

We’ll see.

Entry Three:

[Holofeed Activated]

The golden skinned smiling face of Poy’shiri comes into focus. She’s peering closely into the Holoterminal, her violet eyes belying an expression of melancholy and mischief that her Huttball battered face fails to relay.

It’s been ‘bout a month since he left an’ it ain’t even like he’s ever been ‘ere. Shancolo wasn’t good for much save lookin’ pretty and drawin’ a crowd to me. Ain’t like we ever did much when we was alone, with him all hidin’ ‘way in the engine room watchin’ his Rodian holoporn. In all honesty, which I ain’t to privy to admittin’ even to myself, life been better without him. The Bird runs smoother, jus’ collectin’ more scorin’ and bolts than usual. Work, well, I got myself a crew to run with. An’ I seem to be doin’ ‘em good. I like them so far. They’re my sort.

I been needin’ to talk to my new boss ever since I was pinched on Tatooine. Ain’t like I was doin’ anything wrong, jus’ sellin’ personal air conditionin’ units to the poor folks out there dyin’ of heat. I might’ve mentioned they had a lifetime warranty, but the lifetime they needed to expect was tha’ of a One Credit Store battery. Which is to say, three point four minutes.

She chuckles and shrugs rather nonchalantly as if she couldn’t be helped by this fact.

Let’s us’ say those folks weren’t too happy ‘bout some grifter comin’ in an’ sellin’ ‘em somethin’ tha’ didn’t work as it were supposed to. I was lucky to leave with the two thousand caps I swindled, but not lucky enough to leave with the rest of cargo. Small blessin’s I guess. Tha’ entire situation made me get to thinkin’ tha’ I’ve been craftin’ some pretty nice armaments for awhile now, why not sell tha’? At least be sellin’ them as a front to some decent black market makin’s. I ran the idea past Shoran and G, they both offfered to invest, but I ain’t takin’ their caps. Shoran, I jus’ don’t want to be gettin’ into business with a teammate. G?

She pulls her lekku around her shoulders.

G’s different I reckon. I’m fond of the barve, maybe too fond. After Shancolo, I be tellin’ myself tha’ the only relationship I’m wantin’ is one of business. But as I said, I’m fond of the barve. He left for a deep space contract this mornin’. Promised to be back. I wanted to kiss him but I’m here figurin’ tha’ it’s somethin’ he can be havin’ when he comes back. Give ‘im somethin’ to look forward to if he ain’t findin’ some other sharp-witted gal out there in the black. I’ll be missin’ him.

I think tha’s one of the reasons I’m so wiped. This might be good, if it ain’t then I ain’t lost much and I can just keep on doin’ wha’ I do. One of the thing’s I’m needin’ to do is talk to Nia, but tha’ll come in time. I found it ain’t always best to go to the boss with only half the information you need and I still got some settlin’ to do.

[Holofeed ends.]


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