A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Two Jorbe (Chiara Jorbe, Jyee Jorbe, Star Wars. Post-GCW Timeline.)

OOC Note: I’ve been developing a new character via RP on Steam. She was originally meant to be my TOR character, but I brought her up in the timeline and decided to change things a bit.  See where she went.  So far the RP has been fantastic.  She’s even brought out things in my other character Aayhan Ahi that I wasn’t sure were there. I hope you enjoy the story, there’s a few holes in it that call for questions to be answered and I hope to do that with future shorts.

She felt it the moment she rolled out of bed.  It was an aching that encompassed her body, the pains of being used in a way that her flesh and bones were no longer familiar with.  Chiara Jorbe sat at the edge of her bed, which wasn’t more than a pair of futon mattresses on the floor and hung her head between her knees, running her fingers through her long black mane of hair.  None of it was a dream.  The past week had really happened.  The indentation of him was still in her bed, she could still smell him, and feel his touch against her skin.  She wanted nothing more than to lay back and return to the dream that had passed but downstairs was an enterprise that needed her from time to time and she had played hookie for far too long.  With a beleaguered moan she made her way through her chaotic mess of an apartment to the ‘fresher.

It’s important to note that women like Chiara exist throughout the Galaxy, in the Core Worlds, they’re often referred to as ‘Trust Fund Babies.’  Men and women who are orphaned and live off the credits provided to them by their dead relatives.  Chiara, however, in being Mandalorian, put all of the credits left to her by her dead clan back into Mandalore.  She founded a Wharf Revitalization project to repair the damage done to the Wharf district of Keldabe after the Imperial occupation, she opened a small tattoo shop and decided to live and farm on top of it.  What remained of the Jorbe temple was destroyed in order to utilize the space for a new fisherie that would boost the local economy.  And while her philanthropy is all well and good, she forgot herself in the process.  More importantly, she forgot furniture.  The loft consisted of pillows, futon mattresses, silks and other swathes of fabric. She did however, have a holoprojector.

And a Rodian.

“Chizi!” Her name rang out from the comm units, the thick nasal accent of the her Rodian friend and employee, Jyee called to her. “Zou come to work today, zez?”

“ELEK!” She shouted from the ‘fresher, her head connected with the durasteel wall of the unit and her hand slid down to turn the water off.  He couldn’t hear her.  She wasn’t the sort of freak who’d put comm units in the ‘fresher.  The comm outside was continuously beeping.

“Zou cannot avoid Jyee, Chizi!”

“I’m not avoiding you,” The lithe and muscled Mandalorian woman mumbled under her breath.  There were clothes to put on and hair that needed to be dried.  Waist length hair was always a struggle to dry and today she decided to just pick out the tangles and let it be.  He’d like that.  Just like he’d like the loose white sundress she slipped on before wandering barefoot down into the tattoo shop.

“Where zou been?” Jyee was waiting with his arms crossed in front of his chest to greet her at the foot of the stairs.

“Busy, Jyee.  How’s business been?”

“Not bizee.”

She passed by him to comm the bakery up the street to deliver a box of uj cakes and caf.  No, she didn’t need sweeteners, but she would need a full carafe.  It was going to be long day, especially if business was as slow as Jyee told her.

Rodians by nature, are not a lazy race of people.  They are great hunters and often consistently on the move.  Jyee, however, became lazy shortly after becoming verd.  A busy day to Jyee, was a single client.  When he said they hadn’t been busy, it meant that no one had even walked in their door.  This was known to happen from time to time and never overly concerned Chiara.  They had little overhead and owned the building.

A war had ended and another brewed on the horizon.  On Mandalore, this was a time to breathe.   It was the pause in which the new generation would be conceived and the mighty warriors could pretend to be artists, fishermen, farmers and smiths.  She knew that the indentation in her bed this morning might not be there tomorrow.  The thought reflected on her face and Jyee caught it, “Zou found de heart, Chizi?”

She nodded.

“Dis one don’t run?”

She shook her head.

“Zou run zou mouth?”

She nodded.

“Huh. Zomeday, Jyee will find Rodalorian woman.  On dat day, we will haz maneh zpawn.” He nodded quickly, his emerald frills creating waves along his head and Chiara couldn’t keep herself from laughing.

“Someday, Jyee, we will have an aliit again.”

“Jyee iz not Jorbe. Jyee haz no aliit. He work and work and fight and fight and zou give Jyee no love. Zou juz leave Jyee at de zhop and make little zpawn with de Azzhole.”

Whatever words had been in Chiara’s mind at that point faded and she found herself only able to stare.  Her mouth was slightly agape.  Her little friend was not only in a true woe is me mood, but he was right.  She had done that. Although, the purpose of what she and her new companion had been up to wasn’t advertantly to make little spawn.

Another realization hit her. They weren’t using protection. Their purpose was to create little spawn. They’d met only a week ago and yet, every action was to bring them together as riduur. Every entanglement was made on a subconscious effort to conceive.

The only way to describe the grin that Jyee witnessed on Chiara’s face would be, epic.

“I’m sorry, Jyee.  I didn’t expect to meet Zeke, his name is Zeke not, ‘asshole’, but I didn’t expect it and I do love you Jyee.  My brother trained you, he had meant to adopt you as his son… you know Jyee… I should’ve done this when my brother died. “  Chiara crouched down to look Jyee in the eye,  “Jyee,  I know your name as my son.”

His snout twitched.  It was a movement that had a tendency to skeeve Chiara out, but she understood the emotional significance of it.  His glassy, multi-faceted eyes blinked a few times, “Jyee iz Jyee Jorbe?”

Chiara smiled, nodding once.

“There iz two of uz now!  Doez Jyee Jorbe call zou buir?”

“Please don’t, Chizi suits me just fine.”


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