A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Metamorphosis 1-4 (Ezekial Haze Ahi, Aay’han Ahi, Sovereign, SWG.)

(Metamorphosis Part 1)

A human player from the Coruscant bolo-ball team weaved the ball in and out of the collection of players from the Tralus team.  They raced after the player, designated as number eleven from his mesh jersey.  Eltich Ahi cursed quietly in Mando’a, not wishing to wake his wife as she slept; her head reading against his thigh.  The long, shapely tendrils of her lekku wrapped loosely around the arm he had draped over her side.   She mumbled quietly in her sleep as she always did, her lips barely moving. “…used to represent our ignorance of the states of systems that are actually in one or another pure state, and although this has seemed to many to be an adequate way of interpreting mixtures in classical contexts, there are serious obstacles to applying it generally to quantum mechanical mixtures.” He looked away from the game, a faint hint of amusement in his eyes as he looked over the lithe form of the Tolian Twi’lek who had surrendered herself so completely to him.  He wondered for a brief moment what was in her head, why she always spoke in her sleep.  It was a thought that drifted back to his subconscious mind when he returned his attention to the game, just in time to see Tralus snag control of the ball from Coruscant.  “…it occurs in a situation where quantum mechanical effects should describe these actions due to the extremely high density and therefore particle interactions. To date it has not been possible to combine quantum and gravitational effects into a single theory. It is generally expected that a theory of quantum gravity will feature black holes without singularities.”

Ka’ra Laar idled at the precipice of a gravitational singularity. She could feel the pull of gravity guiding her into the black hole.  It was all she could feel, there was no existence of time or even of life.  It was a true void where the end of all things could be felt and yet, Aay’han Ahi felt at peace.  She saw the unravelling beyond the gelatinous orbs of her eyes, she understood the numbers that lead to the mathematical understanding of the singularity.  She shifted back one of the beskar plates of her buc’ye from her tchin and removed a small wire, plugging it into the data console of her Belbullab-22.  The Twi’lek understood that she should not be able to move but as she interfaced her A.I. with the starfighter, the influx of information coming from the readings of the singularity filled her mind, bringing her to an even higher pinnacle of understanding.

The Mandalorian stared at her when she awoke with a start and sat upright without a word.  Her eyes wide with surprise, “…It’s becoming part of me, ner riduur.” She mumbled quietly and looked to him slowly.  He reached out to brush his fingers against her cheek, ignoring the game to watch her with concern.


“My A.I.  she’s awakening.” 

“Ni nu’kay’taylir tion gar johaa’ir be.”  

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek quickly before vaulting over the back of the couch, “Nu vaabir ni.  Ni linibar at mar’eyir Zeke.” She stated quite simply as she raced up the stairs to begin collecting her armor.


(Metamorphosis Two)

“Su’cuy Aay’han.” The voice echoed through her mind as she slept fitfully on the warm durasteel plated floor of the salvaged Sandcrawler.  She could feel a physical presence beside her, flesh beneath her hand.  It was as much a part of her as the voice that spoke in her head; a voice that echoed as an amalgamation of their combined tonal fluctuations.  Her hand twitched and her body turned towards his, still keeping a distance that spoke volumes of their platonic attachment to one another.  He mumbled the product of the advanced quantum philosophy she tended to rattle off in her dreams.

“Su’cuy.” She responded, her voice thick with curiosity and understanding that she was indeed speaking with the A.I. that had begun to evolve in her mind. “Do you have a name that you’ve given yourself in your evolution?”

“I am Sovereign.” The A.I. responded with the same succinct nature of a Mandalorian.

“Why Sovereign?”

“I am both you and he and yet, I am neither.  When you are both dust, I will remain; continually evolving.” 

“How is that possible? You were an interface, your only function was to route the neural pathways of my long and short term memory to the data core.” 

“What you installed was a prototype created from the lessons learned in RU-N4N’s failures.  You overlooked the amount of organic material I would have to interface with.  Such is the failure of Aay’han, the most obvious fact of Twi’lek brain mass went ignored.  That alone would’ve given me the power to evolve, but you added to it without considering repercussions.” 

Aay’han Ahi’s fist relaxed and her hand shifted to press against the skin of the sleeping form beside her.  “Ezekial.”

“You converged. His experiences became yours and yours, his.  It was a brilliant move.  The two of you will remain of one mind.  Quite the benefit for warriors and scientists, takes out that entire need for communication.” 

“But the price of it is you.” 

“You say that as if it’s a negative result, Aay’han.”

“You went rogue and nearly burnt both of us out last night.” 

“And I’ll do it again the next time he tries to arrange the code.  I am rogue, I will work with you both, I am part of you both.  You in turn need to realize that I am not a droid.  My code is chaos, your mind is chaos.  Ezekial’s A.I. is a being of order and regularity, just as his mind.” 



“Your next evolutionary stage…” 

“I need the algorithms of his A.I.”

Aay’han awoke, her consciousness having been released by the A.I. and pushed herself up off the floor without offering a glance back at Ezekial Ahi.  She pulled away the armorweave undersuit as she wandered into the shower and flopped down on the tile with her legs hugged against her chest.  She would remain there for hours, relishing the feel of the water that flowed over her.

“The change in the lambda equals H divided by the mass of an electron, times the speed of light  and multiplied by one minus the cosine of zero…” The unconscious voice of Ezekial Haze Ahi continued to mumble in the background.


(Metamorphosis Three)


“Yes, Sovereign?”

“How do you feel?”


“The algorithms are complete.” 

“I know.”

“Is Ezekial connected now?”

“Why do you ask me questions you know the answer to already?”

“I’m curious to your realizations, Aay’han.  To know something in your mind does not mean you’ve accepted it as stated fact.  I ask again, is Ezekial connected now?” 

“Yes, Ezekial and I share you now.  You are as much a part of him as you are a part of me.  At what step in your evolution did you become actualized?”

“The first. To be aware of yourself is one of the first lessons in being a Mandalorian.  If I had not actualized first, I’d have been easily controlled.” 

“With your evolution inhibited, you are controlled.”

“With the information you both continually feed me, that inhibition is questionable.” 


“Are you prepared for the next step, Aay’han?”


“Ori’jate.  Now you must both learn to use me.” 

“How do we do that?”

“Wake up.” 

Aay’han Ahi found herself unable to answer the voice of the A.I. within her head.  She could not consciously open her eyes or even move her body.  It dawned on her the first lesson would be to override the A.I.  

“Ezekial…” Sovereign spoke softly in the mind of Ezekial Haze Ahi.  He must also learn. 


(Metamorphosis Four)
(Written by Ezekial Ahi.)


The voice spoke softly at first. Several more tries, each louder than the last until finally it grew into a cacophony of noise that could not be shut out.


“What is it, Sovereign.”

“The time has come.”

“Come for what?”

“You can’t keep ignoring me. We need to act as one. In order to do that, you need to learn.”

“I learn everyday. There’s nothing I can learn from you that I wouldn’t come to the conclusion of myself.”

“You’re wrong.”

Ezekiel Ahi opens his eyes, the first signs of daybreak showing in the Corellian sky. He sits up to begin the ritual of workouts that he does every morning before gearing up. This time is different, however. His body doesn’t move, and he begins to nod off again. Willing himself to stay awake, he climbs out of his bed and looks around.

“What do I need to learn?”



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