A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Late Night Conversations (SWG – Ayyda’shiri and Linn’shiri)

OOC Note: This was written late one night with my sister from another mister, Zarjun aka KJ Rashkah.)
Ayyda’shiri awoke with a start as her comm unit buzzed against her wrist.  Her eyes flickered open and she reached up to her desk to wipe a small bit of drool away from the console.  The comm unit buzzed again before she tapped it with the tip of one of her clawed fingernails.  “Shiri.” She mumbled through a yawn without even looking to see what the frequency was as she so often did.

The sound of rustling came through the comm, the transmission came as the calling Twi’lek had fallen on his ass, knocked out after way too much spice or drink… maybe both, who knew. A groan followed the moving crates as he finally reached the ground. “Eechutaaah.” was the following growl that came through the comm.

“Linn?” She asked and rubbed the sleep from her eyes carefully with the tips of her fingers. “Are you drunk again?”

“Wha’?” The coarse and groggy voice replied. “Wha’ are yo’ even talking ‘bout?” he paused. “I ain’ no drunk.” the Tolian snarled. “Who the krak is you anyway?!”

Her jaw set at his response.  If only Ayyda’shiri was anywhere near her eldest brother, she’d be smacking him upside the head and bringing him a cup of caf to help sober him up.  “It’s your sister.” She responded with a deadpan tone, “Nevermind the fact that you commed me.  Where are you anyways?”

“…Tiatkin? How the krak is you even talking to me?” the poor thing was clearly completely gone. “No matter. I think Nar Shadaa? Ain’ too sho’.” he burped. “Tiatkin how is you even free? I didn’t comm no one… I- don’t even.” his drunken speech just faded into a snore.

“My comm buzzed, that fact alone leads me to be able to inform you without doubt that you… commed, you know it’s not important.  I know better than to get into an arguement of semantics with your drunk chi’aki ass.”

At that point the only response from Ayyda’s brother was nothing but snoring and the eventual slurry swear in Ryl. The location he had given despite his state of complete intoxication was correct.

Ayyda pinched the bridge of her nose, an exasperated sigh escaping her lips.  “LINN!” She shouted over the comm unit.  “LINN FROTZIN’ SHIRI!”

“WHAT?!” The Tolian barked back at the comm after jumping out of his drunken slumber, hitting his head against one of the hanging crates. “…frotz.” he growled, only to squish one of his head-tails simply to bark out again in both pain and drunken rage. “…Ayyda? What do you want?” the drunken stuppor was there but the hit had seemingly had sobered him up enough to talk.

“I feel like I’m talking in a circle, Linn.  You commed me, I can’t tell you why but I’m willing to presume that you fell in this obvious stupor of yours and it somehow, for some reason hit my frequency.  At least you know which one of your sisters your speaking with.” The lithe Tolian pushed herself out of her chair to wander into her kitchen.  Cabinets clicked open, bottles clinked together as she rummaged around for a bottle of Vasarian Brandy that had been opened a few nights previously.  “As it has been since we were children, I don’t want anything from you, Linn, save for you to drag yourself out of this constant state.”

Linn lifted himself back up to his feet and wandered away from the noise coming from the cantina, he puled his t’chun around his neck like a scarf,as he always had.  “Yeah, yeah, I know.” He sighed, “how have you been lately anyways?”

“Busy.” She took another deep breath, the thick liquid filling what she presumed to be a clean glass on the counter. “Happy though… My business is almost off the ground.  I began construction on that project I’ve been talking about for the past ten years.  Hired a girl, picked up a long term contract…” She paused, keeping something back but unsure of even what it was that held so close to her.

He stretched out with a faint groan. “That is some good news…” Linn himself was rummaging through the storage, eyeing bottles and boxes, his finger leading his sight on the names of the many choices he had to pick from. Finally his hand gripped onto something, the the gulping sound that the liquid made as he shallowed was more than obvious. “A long-term contract? Do tell.”

“I can’t.  I can tell you however, to put down whatever it is that you’re drinking.  Get some water, for the love of the Goddess.”

“…Nah.” a groggy chuckle came from him. “You can’t get water in this hole.” he walked around the storage room. “This isn’t too bad of a drink… not heavy at all, I’ll be fine.” he shrugged as he spoke. “… Is it bad that I still miss Tiatkin?”

Ayyda casually flopped onto her couch, “Not really, she is your twin.” She responded and lifted her glass to her lips for a drink. “I think you forget that I never really knew her, vassij’ra took her before I was even forming my memories. Is that why you’re such a drunken bastard?”

“You could say that.” his voice trailed off as the bottle was nestled upon his lips again. “Among other things.” Linn nodded to his own statement. “To this day I have yet to understand the point of vassij’ra, y’know?”

She shrugged, “Support the family when we live in broken caste systems that continually perpetrate faults within Ryloth’s economy because the Galaxy decided somewhere that our women were the pinnacle of beauty or some vapid bolshit along those lines.  Do you honestly want one of my political tirades right now?”

“You know you can do it, but you might want to know that I’ll probably only remember half of it.” he chuckled again. At that point he had downed the bottle of whatever-it-was, it didn’t matter to him all that much, felt much like water; the bottle whined as it hit the floor and rolled across the room. “Think I should get on my ship?” his eyes narrowed at his comm, a smirk in his lips, recently awaken from drunken sleep, why not, poke the little sister with his most likely death-defying practical jokes. “I think I can fly in a straight line…” he said that as he concentrated to even walk on a straight line. His face met the floor with a thud and a grunt from him.

“Yes, you should hope in your ship and fly directly into the nearest moon.” She growled, “You’re such an ass.  Sober up, come to Tatooine.  If you’re not going to stay on Ryloth where you at least have a support system, you’re coming to me.”

“Fiiiiiiine.” Linn’s voice wasn’t by any means serious at that point anymore, he was clearly still tipsy, but he didn’t pay much mind to that. He rubbed the curled t’chun as he moved out of the storage. The exchange between him and the owner of the place was rather quick, overly friendly as was the exchange of credits. “Heading there nooooow~” he chanted in his comm, if anything just to bother Ayyda some more than he already had. The loud chatter of the cantina’s current occupants was loud, the different languages all barking at once into the comm. “Sorry ladies, but Daddy’s gotta go now.” Linn nonchalantly said, followed by grumbling from the dancers that had just glued themselves to him moments ago. “Ayydaaaaa.” He purred into the comm as he began to board up the ramp of his ship. “Ayydaaaaaaaa.” The ramp lifted behind him. The tall Tolian collapsed on the captain’s seat “Ayydaaaaaaaaa.” the engine was started, the drunken Twi’lek growled with it and then burst into laughing. “Ayydaaaaaaa.”

“I frotzin’ hate you, Linn.” She murmered, her voice low with a smouldering rage. “Wait till your sober. And if I wind up having to send someone after you, Goddess save you, I will make sure they turn you into ramat.”

“I am perfectly sober.” He paused. “I might be drunk and on spice, but I’m not reckless enough to lift off and risk my baby to crash.” he petted the control pad of the ship as he rested the comm there. “I’m just heatin’ the engine, little sister.” Linn leaned back on the chair, his arms as support for his head, completely relaxed. “No need of choppin’ nothin’ off.”

“You still flying that old YT-1300 I did the retrofits on?”

“Don’t even hate on her.”

“I wasn’t going to, but now I know you haven’t been taking care of her like like she deserves.  Your baby sister will her purring for you again. When do you think I’ll be seeing you?”

“Sooner than you think, that’s for certain.” he paused. “Sooner than -I- thought.” he chuckled faintly. “Blowing my credits on drinks, you got it right, she’ll be happy to see you work on her again.”

“Goddess guide you safely here.” With that she transmitted the coordinates of her location and clicked off the comm unit.  Ayyda’shiri drained the last of the brandy from her glass and curled up on the couch to greet a deep slumber once more.


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