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Obsessions Out of Control (Aayahpoy’shiri and Xephron Tide – SWTOR – 18+))

OOC Note: This is another forum RP that was written with Xephron Tide and in the beginning Lana Star.  It is been reposted with permission.


Xephron depressed the red button quickly and watched his hated enemy explode into a bloody mess of entrails. He walked away covered in gore, still showering down on him like rain.

He looked to his right and spoke in a drab tone.

“Are you even trying anymore?”

Deakan Omahri was sitting forward in his chair with his tongue clamped between his lips, only to stand in outrage when his avatar was killed. “DAMNIT! YOU’RE CHEATING!”

Xeph sighed and tossed the controller down into his lap as yet another round of “Kill or be killed” ended. Hologames were really all the doctor was allowing Xephron to do these days. Since he had been placed in the hospital yet again, a bit more serious this time, rather than his normal visits. He had met up with a Teras Kasi Expert and was lucky that he hadn’t been killed. In fact, the human doctor had informed him that the only reason he was still alive was because of his impeccable stamina. Just like the time Graym had run him through with a lightsaber… Gotta love that stamina.

He slid down in his bed and wrapped both arms over his eyes. “I’m not cheating Deake… you just suck at this game…”

Deakan looked down at his friends controller, studying it as if there was a hidden secret. “How did you do that explodey thing? What button…?”

Xephron groaned.

“When can I leave the damn hospital…? I’m getting tired of kicking your ass, it’s just not fun anymore..” Xeph took his arms off of his head and looked at Deakan in disbelief, “Hear that? You have somehow managed to make winning, not fun for me Cross. Congratulations…”

“You can leave whenever you use the Force to heal yourself. You know that.”

Xeph rubbed his eyes with one hand. “Yeah… about that. I was told to lay off of that unless I was in a life and death situation. I shouldn’t be using accelerated healing to heal cuts and bruises. And Khavar told me to take it easy for a while. Said I was pushing myself too hard and that I had reached my breaking point.”

Deakan remained silent. That caught Xeph’s attention.

“You think he’s right?”

“You have been going pretty hard lately Xeph, ever since that thing with Delsi…”

“I’m fine…”

“Xeph.. look I know things got hairy but you gotta move on, she literally stabbed you in the back. Betrayal hurts, it sucks. But come on. She isn’t coming back. Let her go… You need to get back on that high h…”

“If you say High Horse, I’m going to Force Push you through the window. I’m hurt Deake. I’m not dumb.”

Cross smiled ruefully and stared at the tiled floor. “I’m just trying to keep you occupied Kid. I know how it feels to be on the inactive roster. Trying to get your mind away from sitting here and wallowing.”

Xeph looked down at his hands “I know. I’m sorry for snapping. I’m just trying to approach this the Jedi way. The no emotion yet Peace crap that I was taught. It just.. doesn’t seem to apply to my heart. I love you as my brother Deake. I’ve even had a few people from the Vanguard come visit me when they weren’t training. But I’m just not fit to be around. I’m a morale killer right now. No one seems to fit in the spot that Mira left. She should have killed me with that knife. Really she should have. Because since then… it’s been hell every time I think about her.”

“Then stop thinking about her.”

“Yeah… easier said than done my friend.”

“Nonsense! Lets go another round!”

Deakan hit the reset button on the console for Kill or be Killed

Xeph groaned and slapped his forehead.


10 minutes later, a nurse walking by Xephron’s room dropped her tray of sterile instruments as a yell broke the threshold.


Jessa was in the middle of doing her rounds, when she came across the unfortunate Nurse that been scared out of her wits. Jessa beiing Jessa, naturally assisted the woman who was not much older than her to pick the dropped contents up. By rights she would under normal circumstances be a Nurse herself, if it wasn’t for her Force and surgical training. “I’ll deal with this patient, continue on your rounds,”

The nurrse nods , and offers Jessa a smile. “Thankyou, Jessa” Then scuttles off around the Corner

Not waiting on cerenony, Jessa pushers the door open. Standing with her arms folderd infront of her, the diminutive Jedis first words are. “Gentlemen this is a medical facility with sick and injured, I would appreciate it if you keep the volume down. A deaf man could hear, that last outburst a lightyear away”

Xephron looked up from under his pillow as Jessa entered. His hologame controller was hovering in the air above him, pushing it’s buttons of it’s own accord.

“Hey Jessa. Sorry about that, Deakan is just a sore loser. I think visiting hours are about over anyway.”

He wasn’t sure that the hospital wing of Castle Organa actually had visiting hours per se, but it was as good a reason as any to be alone. He nodded his head towards the door, indicating that Deakan should go.

“Go on Cross, I’m still gonna be here in the morning.”

Xeph eyed his best friend without blinking. The concern in Deakan’s eyes was enough to tell Xephron Tide that the terms “visiting hours” didn’t apply to him. And that he would sleep in the chair by the door for as long as Xephron was in here, if his friend wanted company. There were few people in the galaxy as loyal to their friends as Deakan Crossvale Omahri.

“I’ll be alright Deake. Go on, get outa here.”

Cross nodded and grabbed Xeph’s controller and put it on the bedside table. “I’ll be back in the mornin Kid.”

And so he was. Every day, Deakan returned and stayed until he got kicked out. His purpose was just to keep his young companion’s mind occupied, so that he didn’t have time to think about Mira. He hoped that Xephron would eventually forget about her rotting in a jail cell on some remote asteroid facility. But it was the nights that got to Xephron. When he was left to himself. When the lights went out and all was quiet. Xephron had never felt so alone. The void that Mira had left was just as raw as the day she had sunk her blade into his back.

One day in particular marked an all time low for Xephron Tide. It was a day when all of Alderaan was quiet. A heavy rain permeated everything outside. Deakan had called to tell him that he had to go off world for a few days to make sure things were going alright with the rest of Black Tide. So Xephron was alone. Just him and the hospital room and the rain outside of his window.

The sky outside was gently dark, a shade of grey that was just dark enough to block out the sun. The rain falling slapped gently on the rich green leaves outside, saturating the world outside of Xephron’s window with dominant shades of browns and greens and blacks as the water soaked into the earth and trees.

From his position standing at the window, Xeph just watched the rain fall. Each droplet that exploded off of the wide leaves of the tree in front of his room was just another memory.


Xephron was standing before a group of the newest members of Black Tide, aboard their ship, the “Phoenix”. He had gone down the line until he had come across Sergeant Mira Vindel, the ships assasination specialist and pilot. She had been wearing a tank top under a set of coveralls that she’d rolled down to her waist. Brash and defiantly beautiful. She’d had a smudge of grease on her cheek…


Mira entered his private quarters aboard the Phoenix, and had all but attacked him, bringing him to his back on the floor. She’d straddled him and pinned him there. His anger is what had made him lose the short bout, she’d explained. He would need to be calm in order to get what he wanted. Had to be calm to save the lives of his remaining family. She explained that the remaining family was them. Black Tide.

Her hair had smelled like strawberries…


He sat in a chair in her apartment as she finished tying up his newly fashioned Padawan braid. Mira had meticulously spent hours cutting his long hair to but shorter, but spikey. And then had lovingly tipped every last spike with white dye, adding a bit of “noise” as Xeph had called it, to his black hair. And then the embrace that they’d shared together as they admired her handiwork.


No memory this time. Just a drop of water on Xeph’s bare foot. He looked down, past the medical tunic, past the matching pants, and down to the top of his right foot. Water… not from outside.

From his eyes.

Xephron leaned against the glass window, resting his head on his forearm, more to hold himself up than anything else. His back was to the door, it was open, but no one heard the quiet sobs of absolute anguish coming from Jedi Padawan Xephron Tide.

No one.

“Coona tee tocky malia?” She asked, her voice coming with annoyed tone as she rested her hands on her hips. Her hydrospanner still gripped tightly in her right hand, standing at the head of the ramp. “I’ve been chasing you down all krakking day! You’re not helping me, you know? I told you a dozen times already that if you decided to work with me I would justly reward you. And what do you do? You run off like some petulant Jedi. I have work today, can’t we come to an agreement at least for a day?” And in truth, she did have work to do. Getting all the sands of Tatooine out of the ship’s parts and systems before the erosion began had become Aayahpoy’shiri’s priority since she and Xephron had returned. She needed the focus of the simple task to be able to work through what happened. She was free, just as she had aimed for. But she had taken a life for that freedom. Part of her wondered if she was even worth the price that Tiocou had paid.

The little marsupial creature that sat chittering at the end of the ramp, staring up at the Twi’lek. Poy narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms tightly across her chest.

Brown fur bristled as the creature raised up to its back feet.

“What is this poodoo!?” She exclaimed trying not to laugh at the fact that small creature with it’s huge eyes was mimicing her.

The creature chittered.

“Fine.” She shoved her hydrospanner into her belt, “Lets see what we can find.” The Twi’lek dipped down as she passed the small fuzzy brown lump, it skittered just out of reach. “Have it your way.” She mumbled, making her way into Castle Organa.

“Don’t eat the fuel lines!” She yelled behind her but the little creature had already disappeared. Poy hoped that she wasn’t bested by the native life of Alderaan as she made her way through the Castle. Her intention had been to get a bite to eat, her feet lead her to the medical ward.

She tapped her knuckles at the side of the doorway into Xephron Tide’s room, a coquettish smile curling at her lips. “Achuta, Muchi.”

Xephron had remained against the cool glass, swelling in his misery. He stayed there for hours. Finally his silent tears ran out. The burning in his heart didn’t die down, but there just wasn’t anything left to cry. Eventually, he heard a wrapping on his door and a familiar voice reaching his ears.

Time to put all that training to work. Breen had taught him how to mask his intent, how to hide in plain sight. But any sight of his face now would be a serious tip off that Xeph was in fact… not okay at all. But he knew how to hide that too.

He didn’t turn around as he responded to Poy. He didn’t want her to see his eyes, which were red rimmed and bloodshot. He flexed his throat a few times to make sure that his tone didn’t come out strangled an hoarse. But it was no good. His voice was still deeper than normal when he spoke.

“Poy… what’d you call my mother?”

He offered a fake smile to his dim reflextion in the window, still leaning over his arm.

He couldn’t let her see him like this. He was supposed to be strong around Poy. Thats all there was to it.

Poy canted her head, hearing the pain in his voice. She didn’t say anything about it, she didn’t ask what he had been through, part of her didn’t have to. She knew the pain of betrayal all too well, espicially when the betrayer was trusted with something as delicate as the heart. Long tolian fingers reached up and eased her goggles from her head, pulling her lekku over her shoulder for them to writhe back as she moved to the window alongside him. With ease she rolled up onto her toes and situated her goggles on his head, pulling them down over the bloodshot eyes he had tried to hide before she set on the window sill and pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her calves.

“I called your mother to tell her hello.” Poy snickered, “Wasn’t that buddy of yours here to keep you from yourself?”

Xephron was confounded to see that his ruse had utterly and completely failed. He must have been slipping in the skills that Breen had taught him. He’d have to rectify that soon.

He flinched slightly as she reached over him. He hadn’t even heard her approach. His senses were being flooded with a completely lack of attention for the outside world. He didn’t shy away from her touch however. He and Poy had a deep connection. Ever since their time on Tattooine together, when Xephron had decided to force himself into her company, for fear of her safety… well suffice to say that events had played into the realm of the emotionally deep. Xephron had been present at the very apex of Poy’s adult life thus far. It would be difficult to top pumping your former slave master full of blaster bolts when he did nothing but give a smile at your return.

But things between Xeph and Poy since then had seemed to grow into an unrequited type situation. Xephron knew he had feelings for the twi’lek, but had refused to acknowledge them. He was just… too vulnerable.

And Poy…? Well… he was pretty sure that she had some semblance of feelings for him as well, given the kiss that they had almost shared on Tattooine.

Xephron had vowed to protect her for as long as he drew breath. That she would be free for as long as he dared to live. He was the protector. He was the one that was supposed to stand up to adversity for the name of all that was right…. he was supposed to be the compassionate one.

But here she was. Showing more care for him than he had expected. As simple a gesture as slipping her own goggles over his eyes so that he didn’t feel the need to try and hide. But hell… what was there really to hide from Poy’Shiri?

He coughed as he gave a sheepish grin, slipping the goggles back up onto his forehead.

“No point in hiding it if you can guess what the issue is…As for Deake… he’s off planet for a few days. So it’s just me and the rain today.. and all the things I don’t want to think about.”

Without thinking, he moved over to her knees and leaned his back against them gently. His throat felt as though he could breath a bit again. Being around Poy was a good anesthetic to the pain in his heart. He didn’t feel so bad in her presence.

“I’m sorry Poy… I’m a mess today…”

“That’s not really something to apologize for Xephron.” She said, shifting her legs to rest at the his sides and wrapping her arms loosely about his shoulders to pull him back against her. Comforting. Nothing more. “Have you spoken to Cross about what thoughts are haunting you in this rain?” Her voice was soft, despite her smelling like grease and deathsticks, sweat. The Twi’lek had obviously spent her day keeping her own mind busy by losing herself in the bowels of her freighter.

She rested her chin on his shoulder, turning to look to him rather past him at the room in the hospital ward. She had worried about him since he returned, coming to see him when he slept, almost scared to approach him. They had both been beaten in recent days, their spirits needed to mend. Poy could not find solace in her small temple or in her ship. She found nothing in the wasted nights spent aboard the Vatakul’tuka, playing cards with herself and anyone brave enough to join her. The smuggler felt like she needed to work, but she had yet found the desire to poke Remy about the two of them seeking a contract to pick up.

Vanguard seemed to be quite for the Smugglers. A blessing with everything being Jedi focused she supposed.

Xephron relaxed back into her embrace.

It was a simple question, but it carried weight. Xeph was sure that Poy had gotten some kind of story from someone, on why he had been in the hospital after his return from Tatooine with her. But speculation was different than fact. He cared for Poy and as such, would clear the story with fact for her, so that she too would understand as best as anyone could hope to.

“Cross knows what I’m torn up about. It’s why he was here before, day in, day out. Trying his hardest just to keep my mind occupied. I’ve been pushing the envelope since we got back from Tatooine. I was taking some jobs on the side of Vanguard business, to stay occupied, to sharpen my skills. Nasaar got the drop on me last time and it threw me for a loop. I thought my skills would have been enough to equal his own but I was wrong. So I started taking contracts around here to hone what I knew. Turns out the first one led me into a huge trap laid out by Mira… she…”

Xeph looked away, down at the floor. He shut his eyes tight, and reopened then only when he knew that he wasn’t going to lose it.

“She ended up being some kind of long term assassin. She tried to kill Deakan, my best friend in the entire galaxy. And she jammed a 5 inch blade into my back…. I loved her Poy… She was my heart. And then she stabbed me, and tried to kill me for some misunderstanding she had been harboring since she was a girl, something to do with my father. Her only revenge was through me, seeing that he’s already dead…”

Xephron sighed. He sounded like a sniveling fool. When he heard it in his own voice… it just seemed so abstract. It didn’t make any sense to him. Not that it had made sense in the first place… but now it was less inviting to sit back and analyze.

“I really don’t know what to do… All of my recent memories are of her, and all of them bring me pain.”

Xeph leaned his head back onto her own shoulder as she rested her chin on his.

“All of my recent memories… except the ones with you and Tatooine…”

“You can’t replace her with me, Xephron or vice versa. The business we took care of Tatooine can’t make a replacement for the memories you have to deal with. Betrayal’s a funny beast, muchi. I could be a walking cliche and tell you that it stabs deeply. A statement that is both punny and made in horrible humour despite its truth. I can’t tell you not to seek a higher meaning in it all, there might be one. And it could have all been a simple act of vengence that was never made to make sense. She got what was coming to her though.” The Twi’lek explained, pulling her goggles from his head and slipping them to hook on her belt. As comfortable as she felt in their embrace, she knew this was hardly the time for such things. His heart needed to heal along with his body and mind. The insights of the past in recent days had left them both at a standstill, needing the time to interpret.

He smiled weakly as she pulled her goggles back. “I wasn’t aware I was trying to replace anyone Poy… just saying that it was easier to deal with, with you around. Your aura brings a kind of… peace to my soul that is hard to come by these days…”

He shifted against her and rubbed his face wearily. “I guess what I’m getting at, is that we have now both been around the other when they were in a time of weakness. I draw strength from you being here like you did to me on Tatooine. I’m just being honest about it.”

It was the truth, mostly. But he would have to think about what she’d said. He didn’t want to see Poy as replacing Mira. He hadn’t even been aware that that was what he had been hinting at. He was in the hospital on the mend, the last thing he needed was to oversimplify things and make Poy his scapegoat to happiness. He shook his head lightly in his own thoughts and pushed off of her spot on the wall.

“But you know what… I’m done sulking… Being in this damn hospital is depressing. I used to like rain… now it just reminds me of pain. It’s time to start making some new memories. She’s rotting in prison and I have my life ahead of me. Wounds heal with time, but not in a place like this. I’m bustin out of this place. Hopefully Jessa wont track me down and drag me back…”

“Are you making to leave Sir?”

Xeph turned and saw the medical droid waiting in the doorway, imposing as it was. “Uh… yeah I was going to get some air…”

“Very well Sir, but I insist that you wrap your wounded arm in a sling, for support.”

“I never even started a sling in the first place, why would I need one now?”

“For support Sir. You have been bedridden for several days, not using your arm. A sling would do you some good, and give my servos piece of mind.”

Xephron stared blandly at the droid. “Right… give me the thing…”

After the droid had wrapped his arm up, he slipped some boots on carefully. As he was coming back eventually… he didn’t change out of the tunic and pants that were provided from him. But he was comfortable enough in his boots. He turned to Poy with a half genuine smile. He just wanted her company, no matter what it meant.

“Cross told me you were working on your ship… I’m no mechanic but I’m a decent extra pair of han…..Uh… hand.. anyway…Want some company to Chateau Poy’Shiri?”

Poy jumped down from the window sill, “I have a better idea.” She said with a smirk and brushed past him, allowing her fingers to brush against his side. Her words had painted a picture of her concern, but not of her feelings towards the Jedi. In her mind he was becoming much more than a friend, their ‘almost’ kiss haunting her dreams moreso than the actions taken to secure her freedom.

The Twi’lek did not hesitate as she made her way back to her freighter, the creature that had plagued her earlier seeming to be absent when she made her rounds to check the external systems before skipping up the ramp. This time she didn’t take the extra moment to be sure her retro-fitted cargo bay was secured before she made her way to the cockpit. She didn’t feel the need to tell him they would be making another trip. Right now, her focus was on getting him out of the rain and into the black. There was no desintation in mind though, part of her knew that she would be seeing Neikei soon.

Xeph smirked and rubbed his face one last time before following Poy. He hoped that his restlessness had worn off a little. His puffy eyes wouldn’t give him a good image for anyone he knew that he passed in the hallways. But hey, it was just one of those days. With all that the Vanguard accomplished in a single week, who could blame him for inevitably snapping? That would be the story they got anyway.

He was highly stressed and just looking for something to release. Normally he would just take his training saber down to his normal exercise arena and spar with the droid until he dropped from exhaustion. But given that his hand was still sore and his elbow was still tender…he elected to just follow Poy.

His footfalls were a mere pace behind her, as she seemed to know exactly where she was going. It was little surprise that they ended up at her ship anyway, regardless of her “Better idea”. He couldn’t help but smile as she made her normal rounds on her vessel and literally skipped up the ramp. It was part of her that he really adored. She just didn’t let much get to her visibly. She had a lightness about her. The only time that had been untrue was when she had slotted Tiocou three times in the chest.

But she was recovering nicely, if this was any indication on how she was taking her new found freedom. And again, Xephron felt pride swell in his chest, having been there to help.

Nasaar was still out there somewhere. He was too strong to succumb to his injuries, but for now, that didn’t matter. For now. it was just Xephron and Poy.

He walked up the ramp slowly, trying not to agitate his ribs by jostling around, then made his way to the cockpit and took his new, customary seat in the co-pilot’s chair. “Alright… so whats this better idea of yours?”

“Well…” She began to speak, her fingers dancing over the ships control systems. She didn’t ask for permission to take off this time. Somethings were more important and giving Xephron the strength he had so graciously given her was the top of those priorities. The thrusters spun up without a hint of hesitation, the creature hadn’t chewed up the fuel lines as she had worried. She didn’t make a grab for her goggles as she piloted them easily from the hangar. “I’m not going to tell you, as I don’t even know.”

The ship glided with a dancers grace through the atmosphere, the twilight skies of purple hues giving way to the stark black of space. She didn’t enter in the coordinates to fly them to another planet, nor did she park them inside the field of some nebula. Rather, she activated the autopilot to keep them in orbit around Alderaan and slipped off of her seat, What you need is some time to know that there’s no one using you, no one aiming to rip your soul in twain for some asinine idea of vegence.”

“What you need is time with someone who sincerely enjoys you.”

Xephron watched the horizon turn dark before them. He’d had a feeling this is where they would be going. Or rather, doing. Xephron felt that Poy was absolutely at ease with everything when she was flying her ship. It’s why he had insisted they come here in the first place. Oddly enough, even though he had none of his own touches in this place, even though it screamed “Poy” in every room and every compartment… he felt at ease here too.


His lips cracked into an unconscious smile as her words reached his ears. She sure had a way of making him feel better, regardless of the situation. Why was it so effortless with her? He didn’t even have to try around her, they just felt right occupying each others space.


Xeph took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. His mind extended in it’s awareness of the cockpit, a quick flick of the Force and the cockpit was thrust into darkness. The lights on the consoles remained flickering but the cabin lights were out.


“I hope that you don’t mind me messing with your settings here muchi…”


He popped the clasp on his crash webbing with the Force and the smirk grew. Even if she didn’t know it, this was more therapeutic than any hospital bed could be. In space, there was nothing. There was nothing but what you made of it. There was no strife in the void, there was no sense of time, no up or down. Space was just… well… space.



“I once asked Graym and Jessa what it felt like when they called upon the Force. Both responded in similar fashion.. “A feeling of rightness.” General to be sure, but touching the Force is unique to each person, and it’s difficult to explain in words without feeling it.”


Xephron’s eyes scanned the control board before him. Finally finding the button he was looking for, he smiled gently without looking back at Poy.


“Do you know what it feels like to me?”


Xeph waved a his sling at the door and sealed it shut, then pressed the button and deactivated the artificial gravity in the cockpit. Immediately he started to rise from his chair, flexing to his full length as his body rose.


“….like weightlessness…”


He closed his eyes and smiled as she floated around the cockpit.


“Weightlessness and a sense of peace. You have brought both of these to me without even trying…. Welcome to my soul… Poy…”

“Is this lesson in the Force or the spirit that speaks for you Xephron?” She asked, her voice taking on a coy edge to the normally coarse exterior that her front afforded her. She moved weightless through the cockpit, allowing her body to spin and lull in the weightlessness of space. Her lekku floated above her head writhing at the lack of contact with her flesh. A sight that was sure to be somehow comedic. “To be perfectly honest, this is how I feel when I’ve been around you since…” She let her words trail off and shook the thought from her head quickly. Poy didn’t care to think that part of this recuperation would be contact with another beyond the depth of conversation, but the utterance of her words left her feeling vunerable in this state with him.


She froze.


Her turquoise eyes focused on Xephron Tide as she gained the control to stay her body, reaching out to cup her palm against his cheek. She wondered if he’d pull away, if she’d pull away this time. The tips of her fingers brushed against his skin. No further motion made, though the excitement of the moment was betrayed by the smile written upon her lips.

Xephron let his smile fade away as her fingers touched his cheek. Her words mystifying him a bit. Xeph let his unwrapped (though still stiff) hand reach out and touch hers on his cheek. His mind was snapped back into focus, just as it had the first time she had almost kissed him. Nothing else mattered.


Nothing was there, no cockpit, no ship.



“Since when… Poy…?”


He didn’t wait for a response. He floated closer to her and pressed his lips fully against hers, gently, but urgently. His eyes closed tightly and at that moment, there was nothing in the galaxy. There was no war, there was no care, there was no pain throbbing in his elbow or his wrist.


For that moment and that moment alone. It was just Xephron and Poy…


Free floating in the great void of the galaxy.


And Xephron didn’t care if he ever woke up from this wonderful dream.

“…since…” She began to explain, words cut short by the feel of his lips. Her rings brushing against his lips. She felt his heat, his urgency. Her hand slipped from his cheek to weave her fingers through his hair as she pulled herself against him.


Her eyes closed.


This was how it needed to be. A kiss shared in freedom for them both. Freed of a master’s collar and a partner’s vengeance; free within the black with nothing but time and no place to be.


They floated together.


Perhaps it was a dream for them both, Poy’s spirit felt as light as she liked others to believe of it.


The comm beeped.


Poy’s arms wrapped around Xephron’s neck loosely as she lost herself in the single kiss. No longer was it an almost kiss to haunt them, but something tangible that was now a reality. Something that could be shared now just now…


The comm beeped again.


She drew away from Xephron slowly, licking her lips as she pushed back from him to float to the comm panel, hitting the switch.


“Whoever you are, have just disturbed the first time I’ve felt bliss.”


“Good! You learn that women do it better already?” A gruff and heavily accented Iridonian voice chimed in.


“Neikei, you know I never learn.” Poy chuckled and reached over, grabbing onto the console as she returned gravity to the cockpit. “What can I do for you?”


“I heard there might not be a bounty on your head anymore. I figured it was time to celebrate.”


“And you’d be exactly right, I’ll head over to Coruscant.”


“Are you going to bring, ‘bliss’?”




The comm went silent, Poy grinned as she looked over to Xephron as her fingers danced over the console to key in the coordinates to pilot them to Coruscant. “We have a desination now it seems.”

Xephron’s heart lit ablaze once more, only this time it didn’t hurt. The fire didn’t ache in his chest. It didn’t make him sick to his stomach. It burned gently, melting the hardening block of ice that was starting to become his heart.


He was at one with the universe in that one long moment. Nothing could break between him and Poy. Nothing at all…




Xephron ignored the irritating sound. He didn’t want to separate from Poy. It was just a minor irritation in their galaxy of bliss…




Xephron’s eyes crawled open and a low growl escaped his throat as Poy pulled away.


He barely registered the words exchanged by Poy and the one who dared interfere on their moment. But he righted himself in the air and dropped to the deck when Poy flipped the switch, landing like a hunting animal, lithe and silent.


Standing at his full height, Xeph gently slid back into his chair, hearing something about Coruscant.


“Uh… I’m still in Medical clothing. If we are going to another planet… I’d like to have some normal wear. I look like I just escaped from a … you know what… I kind of did…”


Coruscant. He’d only been there once before, but it was a memorable trip. He figured this time, it would be more so. It was almost indescribable, the way that he felt now. When he sat here with her, even on their trip to Coruscant…


He really didn’t care what he was wearing, as long as he was with her.

The Vatakul’tuka paused in the black, the stars beginning to elongated around it. Normally, it was a process taking fractions of seconds but as Poy looked over to Xephron, it seemed to take moments. She felt the buck, pushing her back into her chair as they were thrown into hyperspace. Her lips curled into a smile. “That I can fix.”


The Tolian Twi’lek pushed herself from her chair, “I think…” She continued, wandering from the cockpit of the ship. It felt less like her sanctuary, a moment taken to share something more personal than her retreat and she could feel him with her. Not just in Xephron’s physical presence. She reached out to brace herself against the hull of the freighter as she manuovered through its passages to the cargo bay. She couldn’t be sure, but there was a chance that inside one of the many crates would be a change of clothing. If not, she could surmise his size easily enough to run out once they had reached Coruscant.


The door slid open for her with the tap of a button and she meandered through the stacks of crates, checking the contents one by one. Her mind relived their kiss time and time again, distracting her to a point she had overlooked a couple of clothing crates.

Xephron followed Poy back to the cargo hold, noting her… rather alluring round features along the way…


He watched her as she started digging through crates left and right.


“Is this stuff even yours? I thought you were a smuggler…”


It was then that Xeph noticed that she had skipped over a few creates. He popped the lids with his mind, trying to keep as much stress off of his wrist and arm as possible. When he walked up to the crates he smirked, as they were indeed full of clothing. He rummaged through each and eventually picked out a simple outfit.


He’d found a very loose open neck tan shirt that was just a size too long for him, as it extended past the palms of his hands. He’d also managed to find a simple pair of black trousers that he assumed would fit nicely.


It was going to be a task trying to get dressed with his slung arm, but as he’d said to the droid, he hadn’t started with one to begin with. So taking it off wouldn’t cause too much harm. He slipped the sling off of his neck carefully, trying not to wince as the soreness set in, then slipped out of his medical tunic, leaving himself bare-chested.


His eyes flicked back to Poy, who was now watching him. He just smirked at her and shook his head.


“You mind? Don’t you have to make sure we don’t die in a crash? Coruscant is a popular place you know…”


He slid his new shirt on slowly and re-slung his arm, then slipped into his slacks and stuffed his boots back on. After which, he made his way back to the cockpit and shrugged at Poy.


“It’ll work till we find a clothing store planet side. At least now I don’t look like an escaped mental patient.”

She followed him, unable to keep herself from rolling her eyes. “We’re two hours from Coruscant! There’s not a krakking thing to do in that cockpit except lo-…” She stopped in the middle of the hall. Her hands came up to rest on her hips, swaying her weight to her right side. “Look. I am a Smuggler, it doesn’t mean I can’t…” She stopped herself again, a hand coming up for her fingertips to touch at her lips as she tried to stifle a laugh, “When times get rough, it’s good to have that crap to sell when I need fuel.”


Her hand dropped back down to her hip, her head canted slowly as she watched him make his way back to the cockpit even without her.




Slowly she licked at her lips wondering why it was he kept such from her now.


Then again you’re not rushing to him… Her mind reminded her. The Twi’lek reached up and flicked at her own lekku before turning around to head back to the galley. She flicked the switch for the kettle and began pace. She didn’t know if she was ready for this, everything in between her escape from slavery to the moment she bought her freedom had been an excercise to just feel something, anything. She had come up blank.


Not now.

Xeph waited in the cockpit for a few minutes before he realized that Poy was not coming back for a while. He supposed it was indeed going to take a few hours to get to Coruscant. Why he was in such a rush was beyond his current means of explaination.


He stood again and moved back in the ship, walking around till he found his new interest in the galley. The last time he had been in this ship, she had spoken about making a tea with fungus in it. To which he had claimed the need to fill the stores with real food for whenever he was around. He’d not gotten around to that task yet…


“Hey… you left me all by myself up there. I thought that was your favorite place on this bucket. We just got to know each other muchi… you shouldn’t leave me to my own devices in your ship…”


He smirked and scooted up on the table in the small galley, he laid down, grunting slightly as he lowered himself down flat on it’s surface. The morning had been exhausting for him. It was starting to catch up to him now.

Aayahpoy’shiri ceased her pacing immediately and raised a finger to Xephron, watching him as he moved to lay down on the table. “Was.” She paused after making the statement, “Is…” The kettle clicked, water bubbling inside of it.


“Still is.” She murmered awkwardly. Something was under the skin of little miss Poy. She raised a brow, her eyes shifting over him laid out on the table. Her expression fell, going slightly deadpan. “I have a couch and a bed. Why the table?” She asked, crossing her arms just under her breasts. “Do your dressings need to be changed?”


The Twi’lek moved over to the side of the table to lean against the edge of it, her hands shifted and she curled her fingers around the edge of the table to keep herself from reaching out to him, she couldn’t even be sure why. Poy was fighting a losing battle with herself and she didn’t even know the reason. There was no one to tell her what to do, no need to kick him out in the morning or even sooner.


“…do you need anything?” It was supposed to be a simple question, it emerged from her lips loaded. Her voice low as it carried the words. She had to stop from facepalming, the two ton bantha in the room wasn’t getting any smaller.

He smirked lightly and stretched his legs out from the table. “You sure do have a couch right there. I remember it fondly last time I was here. But if I was over there, I wouldn’t be in front of you and directly in your way. And then your attention would be on your tea, instead of me. Which, I still find a bit… gross honestly. Fungus and liquid don’t mix. I’m buying food for your ship when we get to Coruscant, for whenever I’m here.”


He looks over and grins up at Poy from his position on the table, wiggling his legs off the end of it.


There was something off about her again. But once again, he couldn’t put his finger on it. “What’s wrong Poy? What are you thinking. You seem… different suddenly..”

She raised a finger, unable to keep herself grinning. “I’ll have you know that tea is an important sustainance for me. Even the smell of roasting meat makes my stomach churn when we go to some of these planets. Not to mention…” She paused, blinking as she looked to him; the gaze of her turquoise eyes catching his. “For when you’re here? Are you telling me this is going to be a regular thing?” She asked, knowing it had already become a fairly regular occurance. “And you’ve put yourself in my way…”


She nodded slowly, her back tensed with the tingling sensation that ran up the length of her spine.


“Since I stole Tiocou’s ship, it’s just been someone who can twixt my nethers and get the krak out.” The Twi’lek explained, pushing herself up from the table. “When I kiss you, that’s the only place I want to be. I want to show you everything I can, share it all.”


Her heavy black boots clopped against the grated floor with every step as she paced the length of the galley again, her hands moving in gesticulation as she spoke. She was nervous, anxious, and she knew she was being ridiculous about it. “I’m a slave, Xephron. I’m a Smuggler, we’re not allowed to have nice things. We’re allowed to run because some peedunky is always going to be two steps behind us.”


“I’m not allowed to have this.”


She stopped pacing.



“This. There isn’t even a this! We kissed!” She flailed and trucked off out of the galley. Skiddish. Poy couldn’t wrap her mind around it, she didn’t understand why she was being like this. Her feet led her to the temple within the retro-fitted cargo bay and she reached out to touch the durasteel door, pressing her hands and forehead against it.


“Goddess, give me something here,” She whispered in Ryl.


If the Goddess Kikka’lekki had actually been listening, the overly nervous and skiddish Twi’lek would’ve been whacked upside the head for her idiocy.

Xeph smirked at her, and then felt his smirk vanish as she got up and began pacing. He was worried about her. She used the term slave like she was still shackled. But that was about as far from the truth as anyone could get in her current situation. Poy was absolutely free.


But she was undecided on what she wanted to do. They had both been through a lot in the past weeks. He knew that. But it seemed to be getting to Poy. More than it was to him. But she hadn’t pulled away from him. She wanted to be with him. And he wanted to be with her as well. Sure the timing sucked but… why was he thinking about all of it? He needed to tell her!


Xeph groaned and rolled off the table, following Poy out into the ship after a moment. He found her against a plated wall.


“Poy…. It’s alright…”


He cautiously slid up behind her and slid an arm around her waist. “We don’t have to rush anything, I got a little excited about being around you. I’m sorry. But you’re talking like you don’t deserve happiness. You aren’t a slave anymore Poy. You are allowed to be happy. And I will be the one to show you that. At whatever pace you deem you’re ready for. We have both been through a lot in the last week but to deny that we both want this would be folly. I even had visions back on Tatooine that this was probably going to happen… Visions of Mira’s face, with no detail. I’m starting to realize that the Force was trying to tell me that she was an enemy. I have no qualms about this, but will defer to what you want. This is our time now. This is your time Poy. You will never have to look over your shoulder ever again in fear of seeing a bounty hunter… because all you’ll find is me.”

She turned in his embrace, pushing her back against the cold metal blastdoor. Long fingers curling against his injured arm lightly as she looked up at Xephron, there was a fleeting expression of fear on her face though Poy couldn’t pinpoint what it was that scared her exactly. She had no idea, she did know that it was time for her brain to take a backseat. Nothing was ever going to perfect. No time was ever going to be right. Or wrong. Writhing lekku slipped over her shoulders, speaking a response that failed to find its way to her lips to be voiced. Her fingers tightened on his arm and she reached up, tucking a bit of unruly hair behind his ear.


Her eyes shifted, studying the Jedi’s expression for a moment that seemed to crawl by so slowly she expected to be interrupted by the beeping navicomp.


No beep came.


Aayahpoy’shiri leaned up to meet Xephron’s lips once more. She wouldn’t draw back this time. She wouldn’t scamper off in another skittish phase.


Her eyes closed. That same rush came over her. Goosebumps raised along the length of her arms.


She gave herself over to obtain exactly what she desired.

No words. Nothing else needed to be said. The look in Poy’s eyes was all he needed. He gave himself to the embrace..


His hand reached up and cupped her face gently, but firmly, he pushed his weight into her, bumping her back against the durasteel wall that she had been previously leaning on. No expression had ever been so true as what they exchanged now. No one had ever had a need to be with someone they cared about quite as much as Xephron needed to be with Poy. He let a long, warm breath escape from his nose as he leaned into her.


It was going to be a long trip to Coruscant.

Her hand slid up his arm to grip at his shoulder, pulling herself against him as he pushed her back. Those long tapered fingers threaded through his padawan braid, loosening it as she curled her fingers against the tendrils of hair. There was no hesitance in her kiss, her lips eager to feel through this peaceful bliss.


Tchun, her left lekku writhed to slip across his shoulder against the side of his neck.


After the moment passed, when her breath began to catch in her chest, Poy opened her eyes and drew back slowly. It was a short departure from the warmth of his lips before she was kissing him again with a sense of urgency, of need. A feeling that had gone beyond the simple desire of flirtation. Her teeth nipped at the tip of his tongue.


Poy shivered and closed her eyes again.

Xephron was sucked into the moment. He winced as he pressed his body to her, noticing that his arm was still in a sling, but he ignored it as much as he could. He smiled into her kiss as she started nipping at him. His tongue grew a mind of it’s own as it thrust through her lips and began dancing around her own.


He used the Force to lift her off her feet, and used his body to pin her to the wall, pressing himself between her legs.


He pulled away to catch his breath, an inch from her lips as he stared into her eyes.


“Do you want to do this?” He asked breathlessly. He knew he didn’t want to stop, but he would respect her wishes.


“I want you to be happy Poy..”

“Then for once, Pika, shut up.” She whispered, leaning forward to catch his lips between her own; her tongue flicked against his top lip and she draw her legs up, wrapping them around his waist; the heels of her boots pressing at the back of his thighs.


She was careful with his arm, her hands venturing to release the sling. The tips of her impeccably manicured nails trailing down his sides to grip at the sides of his shirt. Poy pulled away from the kiss momentarily to bite at the edge of her lip, catching her breath as she shivered with her excitement once again.


Her breath was hot, sweet with the scent of some Alderaanian apples she had eaten earlier in the morning. Her lips rings grazed along the side of his jaw, followed by the soft pulls of her teeth between suckling kisses against his flesh.

Xeph smirked as he did as he was bidden and shut the hell up. His inhibitions melted away only to be replaced with desire. Things were getting hot and heavy quickly. His newly acquired trousers were getting quite uncomfortable on his hips as the room inside began to shrink.


A low growl came from his throat as she licked at his lips. He felt her hands gripping at his shirt and he wanted nothing more in that instant to be rid of the damn thing. But his injuries were going to prevent extreme movement on his part. He just pulled away and rested his forehead against hers, laughing ruefully.


“This isn’t gonna work standing up when I have one arm and a hurt wrist on it…”


He slipped his good arm around her waist and leaned in to kiss and nip at her neck as he pulled her off of the wall and made for her quarters in the ship. When he arrived there, he spun his own body around and plopped down on the edge of the bed. Holding his tender arms up so she could remove his shirt at her leisure.

Poy slipped from his lap, easing his shirt up over his head taking extreme care to not further injure his arm. She leaned down as she dropped the tunic behind her to nip at his top lip, suckling it a moment as she unbuckled her belt, tossing it against the hull with a clatter of her goggles, hydrospanners and various other packs.


She rolled her shoulders back, coming to stand up straight. Her nimble fingers working the clasps of her worn leather tunic. She shrugged it off with ease; revealing a finely toned body sculpted by years of dancing, training in some hand to hand combats and starship mechanics. A grease stain stuck out on her right shoulder, marring the aspects of fire that were tattooed as a full sleeve along that arm. Her hand raises up to unclip the fastener between her breasts and slips the bra from her form, small, pert breasts; nipples upturned forming a light layer of goosebumps as the cool air of the ship.


With a dancers grace she peels her worn leather pants away from her hips and kicks them off along with her boots. She was hairless entirely, as all of her kind. She swayed forward, running her fingers against his temples and down the sides of his cheeks as she smiled, blissfully aware and happy to be in this state before him.

Xephron watched hungrily as Poy undressed. Her grace was nothing less than astounding. It was driving him crazy mentally. But he held back for the time being. He was certainly enjoying himself, but had to remind his brain that his ribs were still on the mend, and that his right arm was in no condition to go all out. Best to be gentle…


…this time.


His tongue flicked out over his lips as he saw her entire body for what it was. The way she moved, the way she stood. It was no wonder that slavers used Twi’lek’s as dancers. They were bound to give any male sentient an erection.


He squirmed back a bit further on the bed and kicked his boots off as he went, leaving him barefoot, but still half clothed in his borrowed pants. His mind should have been reeling, but his focus was actually absolute. That was until her fingertips touched his temples and ran down his cheek. His good hand swept up to captures hers, and bring it to his lips, kissing it gently before he pulled her down on top of him. His lips found hers once more. His tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. It drew a smirk from him when his lips brushed against her rings. They were different than what he was used to.. but not in an unpleasant way.


His hands roamed over her back, finding their way to her ass. He gave it a good squeeze, and held it firmly in his grasp.


He reluctantly pulled away from their embrace and smirked at her playfully.


“Say.. you wouldn’t be able to help with these pants would you? They are getting a little tight, think I might have grabbed the wrong size…”

Aayahpoy’shiri’s lips curled into a bemused smile, the tip of her tongue flicking against her lip rings before she chewed at her lip as he brought her hand to his lips. Her long, slender legs folding at the knee as she sauntered back to kneel at the edge of the bed, straddling his hips. Her hips raised enough for her to trail the tips of her fingers down his chest to hook at the waist of his pants. She didn’t need to be told. Her fingers were already working at the button when she spoke.


The Twi’lek met his lips again to silence him, if only to nip at his top lip before nibbling down the side of his neck as her lekku writhed against and over his shoulders. A few tugs of his pants and she let his wriggling take care of the rest, waiting until she felt him kick his legs free before lowering herself to perch upon his lap.


Her teeth gently brushed over his collarbone.


She looked up to meet his gaze, pressing her forehead to his. “You said you wished to see me happy, Xephron, you made sure I wanted this… do you?” She whispered.

His legs wiggled and kicked until his pants were on the floor. He was now completely naked underneath of her. Her question was as amusing to him as it was baffling. He smirked up at her and scooted back on the bed a little.


“Do you think I’m so weak willed that I’d bring you in here if it wasn’t what I wanted? This is everything I want… so long as it isn’t just a one time thing. If you don’t plan on being exclusive with me, being mine… as I would be yours… then we need to stop.”


Xeph figured he knew the answer to that whole thing, so he just laid back down, erection standing tall below him, he hoped that she wouldn’t just sit down and go to town. He was rather enjoying the foreplay.


He looked up with a coy glimmer in his eyes.


“Just …. be gentle… I’m wounded you know..”

“Exclusive…” She whispered, her lips trailing down against the side of his neck, nipping and suckling at the skin between her words. “It’s a big Galaxy out there Ka’re.” Her lekku writhed against the sides of his neck, the rings of her lip brushing against his chest, the tip of her tongue twisting against his skin to taste him.


“I would gladly be Nonna to you.” Her fingers curled against the sides of his waist, coming to rest on his hips. She slid her hips down to rest at the tip of his thighs, not wanting him just yet. They had two hours and for once, it wasn’t a quick bang between profressional partners. It wasn’t a demand. It was exactly what she wanted.

He smirked as her little kisses tickled his skin. His nerve ends were awake and receptive to every touch she gave, more so when her tongue played over his flesh.


“I have no idea what you just said dear. But I think it was good. One day you are going to have to teach me Ryl, so I don’t look stupid as hell when we talk…” he chuckled. His eyes were glued to hers, to see what she would do next.



“You look really good down there by the way. Comfortable almost… I wonder if that’s because of me…”


He pretended to think about that while she was sitting on his legs. Then found that he didn’t want to look away from her eyes any longer. He could be lost within them for eternity. And there was nothing he wanted more than to do that. Just be lost inside of her eyes.

Her lips trailed across his chest, “But then you’ll also know when I curse you.” She whispered grinning as she lowered herself, her back arching to press her breasts against his chest. Her lips coming up to nip at his chin before greeting his lips again. Heated kisses; filled with passion and belonging. Her tongue danced with his, the shared heats of their bodies urging a pleased moan from her.


The tips of her nails scratched lightly up along his sides before a hand came to cup his cheek. Poy pulled away from the kiss, brushing her lips against his time and time again as she met his gaze, losing herself in the spirit he showed her.

Xeph was getting lost in the moment now. When he spoke, it was breathless and ragged.


“You would never curse me…”


He pulls himself up slightly and starts trailing kisses down her throat, do her chest. He squirms back on the bed even further as he does this, forcing himself to a sitting position with his back against the bulkhead. He pulled her close, pressing her body against his, then reached down and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking on it tightly, swirling his tongue around the tip for a few moments, the gently places his teeth on it, moving his eyes up to look at hers.


Nothing more than gauging a reaction.


His right arm moved out slowly and tentatively, placing his hand over her right ass cheek and rubbing it lightly, stimulating her nerves as he would.

She leaned back as he took her nipple into his mouth, her fingers pressing to the side of his chest and her hand slipping over his cheek. When he grabbed her ass she leaned forward once more, urging his lips away from her breast to meet hers as she rolled her hips to grind herself against his waiting erection. The normally cool feel of her skin was now blazing, her eyes heavily lidded as she watched him; chewing at her own lip to keep herself from uttering incessant coos of pleasure.


“Xephron.” She whispered, pressing her lips to his forehead. There was something insistant about the way she said her name, but patient. Content.

Xephron’s eyes fluttered for a moment as she started to grind against him. Never before had his body been alight. Never before had he so yearned for any single person. And never before had he been so content with the one he was with. They hadn’t even got down to it yet.


He could feel her skin temperature rise, it made him smile. It was also a first, to see that he had such an obvious effect on his lover.


Her voice only made his skin crawl with ecstasy. He wanted her… bad. His eyes reconnect with hers, trying to search out her meaning.



“Please.” Was all she whispered against his lips. Her nose brushed against his cheek, her lips lingered against his; not kissing him, not nipping just feeling, tasting him against her.


Her hips rolled against him again, the heat and slickness of her lips edging around his girth. It was more than foreplay, but still teasing. Her body begged for him despite her inaction to allow him entrance. That beautiful moment in between.


Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment.


A soft sigh escaped her.


Her fingers dug into his side.


Never had she wanted anything for herself so badly. Here in the cluttered mess of her quarters. In her sanctuary.


Poy felt as if she were about to understand what unity with another truly meant.

Well, she had asked nicely, he figured. And his legs were about to go numb from forcing them to not move and writhe. His hand reached up onto the small of her back and pushed her down ever so slowly, letting his erection impale her flawless body, inch by tantalizing inch. He finished pushing her down as her hips met his. He let out a slow breath as he felt her insides.


The hand on her ass tightened into claws instead of fingers as he closed his eyes and rested it back against the bulkhead. He flexed himself inside of her, just feeling out every inch of her pussy.


He exhaled slowly smiling in a kind of relief. But things were far from over.


“You are… perfect… Poy. You feel so good…”


He pressed up into her.Thrusting up as much as he could from his sitting position.

A gasp caught in her throat as her pushed into her. Her body shivered, her muscles tightening around his girth. She leaned back with him, keeping her body pressed against his. Her nipples hard against his chest, her fingers gripping to his sides. For every thrust of his his she tightened, drawing a slow circle with a motion of her hips.


Every thrust brought a soft moan to her lips.


She would sing.


Every inch of him set her body on edge, relieved her. Pleasured her. She suckled his top lip, tugging it gently as her lekku writhed across her back.

Every thrust brought a moan. Every moan brought Xephron immeasurable pleasure. He had never seen Poy so vulnerable, so completely his. And he knew that she always would be irrevocably his for the rest of their days.


That was perfectly fine with Xephron Tide.


He continued thrusting up into her, trying harder and harder to explore deeper. But his ribs started to ache something terrible. A pained gasp escaped his lips, momentarily taking away from the situation. His left hand removed from Poy’s body and clutched at his rib cage, stopping in mid thrust.


Xeph let out an exasperated sigh and rested his forehead on hers, reveling at the extreme range of contact that their bodies had, and the fact that she could even touch him with her head tails.


But it was going to be difficult to continue whilst sitting up. At least until he healed.

She smiled softly and reached down, her hands grasping at the sides of his hips to pin him down, lifting her hips before lowering herself again to hilt him entirely. “Let…” She began, her voice ragged, breathless. “Me.”


Her back curved as she began to move over him, slipping him from her before allowing him to bury himself again. The motion of taking control mentall and emotionally empowering for her. Her breathing began to come faster, puncuated by gasping moans that came to her more frequently, each time her body shudders from the pleasure of him. She was losing herself to him, wanting nothing more than to remain in this place, in this time.


HIs named rolled off her tongue in heated whispers, her lips catching against his but never quite kissing him.

Xephron’s hands shifted from his ribcage, over to Poy’s hips. He gripped at her as if he was deathly afraid of being detatched from her flesh forever.


The friction, the motion, the heat. All of it so blissfully wonderful that the feeling of euphoria rushing through his viens almost felt on par with the Force. Though nothing would really ever compare to the Force, Xephron dared to think that Poy was probably the closest, and nothing else in the galaxy would come close to her.


His hands slipped over her ass again, then slid up her back and while one hand rested on the back of her neck, the other cupped her cheek and pulled her ringed lips back to his. His eyes shut tight.


He hoped that this would never end, though he knew inevitably, it would eventually.

Her eyes closed the instant her lips touched against his, parting enough for her tongue to dance along his. Her breath came in slow and deep, heat brushing over his cheek from her nose. She was trying to control herself in fear of being overwhelmed in the moment. Every touch, every kiss, every movement made her believe that she was becoming one with this Padawan. Poy’s back arched, pressing her breasts against his chest once more, her hips shifting down as she pushed back against his grasp on her ass.


There wasn’t a muscle in her body that wasn’t trembling, her skin was alight with a feverish touch; a thin layer of sweat beginning to build over her form. She pulled her hands away from his hips but not wanting to allow her fingers to depart his touch, she moved them up his body to cup at the sides of his neck; thrumbs brushing against his jawline.


She didn’t pause in the slow circular motions of her hips. Each coming to end with a downward thrust and beginning with her raising up, almost pulling him from her entirely.

Xeph bit his lip for a moment. He was getting closer to climax.


“Stars….” he whispered.


Closer and closer. His hands began to forcibly roam her body, gripping her tighter as she started to slide off of his cock, instead of grind off. His hands found both of her breasts and squeezed both at the same time. Even through his pained rib cage, he didn’t care.


“Poy… I’m close.” His voice was strained, trying to last longer, as he didn’t want the moment to ever end. He knew there would be other times of course. But this was more than just sex. It was more than the body heat they were creating between each other.


They were both free.


They were both making love.

“..you…” She began to speak, her voice cut short as she pressed her lips against his forehead. They trembled. Her body shuddered. Poy’s hips glided down against his, hilting him fully within her just as every muscle within her clenched around his cock.



Her voice rose up, “Xephron.” She moaned, her voice again breaking with the moan of his name. There were no words to the song that emerged, only cries of pleasure that echoed throughout the freighter. Her lips trailed over his forehead, ragged breaths interrupting the sweet song.


The Twi’lek’s hips moved with slow purpose, keeping him deep within her as she circled them in that slow grind.


Her fingers gripped at the sides of his neck.


Her body shivered nearly constantly with the force of her muscles despite the sweat that had built up between them.


Poy’s mind went silent.


All that existed was the nebulous black of their climax.



She sang.

As her muscles tightened around his cock, Xephron sucked in a quick breath.


His nerves were on fire, his cock bulged within the confines of her body as it began to eject his seed over and over again.


When it was all finished and done, he just wrapped his arms around her, reveling in the moment.

The chittering beep of the hyperdrive came.


Poy lifted her head from Xephron’s shoulder, her lekku come to writhe against his skin. “I don’t want it!” She yelled at the beeping, her mind still reeling from the afterglow of what had transpired between the two. She dropped her head back down against his shoulder and brushed her lips over his skin.




She grumbled, opening her eyes and lifting her head up once more. For the life of her, Poy couldn’t remeber why the Vatakul’tuka was beeping at her.




Coruscant. Neikei. The memory of the conversation burst through her mind and Poy jumped from her bed, nearly tripping over all of the clutter in her room as she grabbed up her clothing, wrestling to pull the worn leathers on as she raced through her ship to reach the cockpit in time.




The Twi’lek flopped down into the pilot’s seat in time to bring the freighter out of Hyperspace in a timely manner and firing off the thrusters to guide them through the space stations and multitudes of docks that littered Coruscants space. With the crook of her finger she actived the comm panel. “This is the Vatakul’tuka, requesting permission to land. Passengers inbound for commerce on the city floor.”



She leaned back in her chair, running her fingers over her tender lips and trying not to toy with her lips rings as she let her mind slip back to relive what had just transpired as she awaited permission. A voice crackled through the comm, granting her permission to land. Poy didn’t hesitate on following the course to bring the freighter down at the dock, light as a feather.

Xephron awoke to the beeping. He groaned and turned on his side, wanting more sleep. He knew he’d only been out for an hour or two, but it was one of those situations where you had just gotten to sleep when something woke you up. You were halfway between consciousness and a dream state.


Xeph wanted to go back to the dream. He never wanted to wake up from it. But the beeping persisted. Then he felt Poy get up and run to the front of the ship. He looked up after her grogily, but made no move to follow.


It was only when Xeph felt the ship decelerate from hyperspeed did he realize what was going on. They were still on their way to Coruscant. It was the initial trip that Poy had set in hours ago.


He groaned and stood up straight, finding his borrowed pants and threw them on haphazardly before making his way shirtless and bootless to the cockpit. Xeph rubbed his tousled hair wearily as he sat down at the copilot station. Before them, Coruscant loomed. Huge, and dark with billions of tiny little specks of light adorning it’s surface.


It was almost as if the planet itself was alive and buzzing, even from the distance that they were at currently. The surface looked as though it was shifting back and forth with thousands upon thousands of beings traveling in and out of the city-planet.


“Haven’t really gotten used to that sight yet…” Xeph said lightly as his eyes flicked back and forth. It was his second trip to Coruscant. He was once again looking forward to the view that the cityscape gave. It wasn’t as beautiful as the forests of Alderaan. But it was just as awe inspiring in it’s own way.

“I forgot how sheltered you are.” Poy chuckled, her eyes flickering over Xephron’s form in the seat beside her. Her fingers swept over the control panels to deactivate the various systems once the freighter had settled into the dock. “First time I came to Coruscant, I was only seventeen. Not that long ago, I guess…” She pushed up from her chair and wantered over to the other to lean against the back of it. “Tiocou had business here with a Falleen, he had brought his son with him and allowed him to take me around the city with him. I was so lost and so entralled at the time. There was a sense of awe that’s just gone now.”


She leaned down to brush her lips over the top of Xephron’s head before turning to walk out of the cockpit and back to her quarters to grab her belt and her boots. Important items when adventuring in a large industrial city complex. “Anything you’d like to do while we’re here?”

He smirked through his grogginess.


“Sheltered she says… I think you missed the part where I was filling people with blaster holes since I was 8 years old. Sheltered.. pfeh!” He chuckled lightly, standing with her and moving back to retrieve the rest of his borrowed clothing.


“Honestly though, we just never had a need to leave. Our group was set up to operate on Deralia. We were pretty much the police for the police. Didn’t see a point to going off planet when we had tons of issues present to deal with.” He shrugged.


He sat on her bed…. Was it technically “their” bed now? It was still only the first day they’d been together but still… There was something about Poy that spoke to longevity. Regardless, he pulled his boots on and slipped into his shirt and re-slung his arm.


“I guess the more you are exposed to something, the more you get used to it. I can see people who are born here losing or even never having that enamored feeling you described. It’s kind of sad that people don’t experience that every time they look at the place. But it’s kind of distracting also.”


He stood slowly, stretching a bit and roughing his hair around to make it stand out as it normally did.


”As for getting things here? Yes. I need some normal clothes. Wearing borrowed threads makes me feel… awkward.”

“Other than the obvious need of a shopping excursion for your comfort?” She asked as she secured her utility belt atound her waist and at her thigh. “I’ve got to drop by and see Neikei about inking my arm. That’ll take a few hours if not the better part of a day if you want to go wander around. The Temple is here, some great bars… Graym would tell us to see a show but frankly Coruscant theatre makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a dull tooth.”


She crouched down in front of him to help him with his boots and ease the pain of bending down and trying to deal with it when he was in such a state.


“This trip is for you Xephron, and in some ways for us.”

Xephron didn’t like being helpless, but he did find it amusing when she helped him with his boots. In a way, it showed how much she cared about him.


“For us huh…?”


He smiled at the thought and stood gently, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her against him.


“I think it would be nice to go see the Temple. Get a feel for my heritage and all that. Other than that. I don’t know what there is to see on Coruscant besides the endless fall off of one of the platforms… But I am more than willing to walk around while you get your arm done. I’m sure there’s plenty for me to stay occupied with. I like shopping just as much as any adolescent with some money to spend does. I might find something I really like. Who knows? But first thing’s first. I need some normal clothes…”


He leaned down and kissed the crown of her head lightly, smiling as he pulled away.

“There’s more than a few shops to appease that need on our way.” She grinned, pulling her goggles down over her eyes as she halfway marched right out of her ship; waiting for Xephron to disembark before closing up and securing the ramp. Poy raised an eyebrow, curiously watching the cityscape for a few moments as she tapped her chin. It wasn’t about the effieciency of getting down to Jat’i Keff today but, how many stops it would take before Xephron was happy with the articles of clothing to be found. This is what posed the issue for her. She didn’t know his style other than dark robes.


“AHA!” The Twi’lek pointed to the lifts, “These do help to get an adventure going.” She said with a low chuckle and hopped onto the lift. In the silent seconds of being transported down to the mid-levels of the planet Poy took every advantage to steal a few kisses, the ability to lose herself with that simple touch showing no intention of fading away.


The lift chimed and the doors peeled open to reveal the bustling center of the city-planet. Poy almost bounced with excitment. Sure, she liked to pretend was cynical enough to not be affected by the glories of space travel, but in truth… every new place was an adventure. And no planet was ever the same was when you left it. Especially Coruscant.


“This way!” The Twi’lek slipped an arm carefully about his waist, leaning against him casually before guilding them towards the bright neon sign advertising the highest standards in Galactic Fashion. Though the storefront made it seem like only freelancers and space cowboys might call it a high standard.

Xephron supposed that there was in fact, many places to shop on Coruscant. How could there not be? The entire planet was a city. There was no way there wouldn’t be shops gallor all around.


His eyes shifted to the sky of Coruscant as he decended the ramp from the ship. Always in motion, Coruscant was. That was what he admired the most about the place. It was what enamored him. Any hour of any day, Coruscant was always moving. There was always someone doing something. Not like in wilderness based worlds, where when the sun went down, all stopped to rest.


When the sun went down on Coruscant, the city itself became the sun. Buildings alight with neon blue’s and greens and whites.


He followed his new ladies lead as she brought him to the turbolift, his lips curled up into a smile as he became the very center of her attention. That was how things should be. Xephron was the center of her universe, as she should be the center of his. As it stood, Xephron knew he had to be wary of his own feelings. He was Force sensitive and walking the path of a Jedi. Things could get out of hand quickly if he lost his temper or gave into his emotions.


For now though, he just wanted to be happy. He was recovering after all, and his new nurse seemed to know what made him feel better…


“Simple stuff will do, honestly. I don’t need a new robe or anything. I just need some street clothes. Maybe some multi pocketed pants because I’m used to them.”


He shrugged and slipped his own arm around her waist as well, as they made their way down the street.

“You’re on Coruscant, Ka’re!” She exclaimed, dancing on the balls of her feet to almost swoop in front him and stepping back into the store when she heard the hiss of the doors sliding open. She pushed her goggles atop her head. “Aim for the highest standard of fashion in…” Poy’s voice trailed off as she looked to the holo-displays. Models of both genders and a variety of species adorned in the newest takes on… cargo pants. “Welp.”


Her lips pursed to hide an amused grin and slowly turned sheepishly on her heel. “I need new boots.” A quiet tone of acquiescence underlined her words. The Tolian made her way to one of the many terminals that lined the wall to flip through their inventory. If asked, Poy would be the first and loudest to proclaim her hatred of shopping.


Watching her fingers dance across the screen every so often as she added something new to her order, one would be justified in calling her a liar.


She murmered a regret at the credit amount but made the arrangements to have the order delivered to her landing bay all the same.


With a heavy sigh and a pleased smile Poy escaped back outside to take herself away from all the temptation inside. She rummaged through her side satchel for a cigarette and her lighter to spark the thing as she leaned back against the storefront. With a deep drag, she closed her eyes and tugged her goggles back over her eyes. The sounds of city providing a bustling pace for her mind to follow.

Xeph smiled at her exuberance as she bounded from one shop to another. When she finally seemed to settle in one store, Xeph excused himself to try a few things on to see if they fit. When all was said and done, he exited with a new brown leather jacket, a loose pair of black pants that came with his need of cargo pockets, and a new style of sleeveless shirt that was similar to his usual tunic, but just a pull over. The shirt itself was white.


He paid the vendor and re-slung his arm underneath of his jacket, letting it be free of the sleeve hanging at his right side. Now he was comfortable. He shifted easily in his new clothes and made his way over to Poy, who was apparently still engrossed in her own shopping, having things shipped to her vessel.


“You know, if you continue to buy things so frivolously, you won’t have any credits left to pay for fuel to get us home Nonna.”


He smiled kindly and rubbed her shoulder with his good hand.


“Why don’t you go and see your friend. I’m going to make my way to the Jedi Temple, I would be remiss if I had been able to see such a staple of the Order and decided not to.”


He checked his chrono, it was just starting to get late in the day. The sun would be setting soon. Not that it mattered on this planet. But normal businesses would be eager to pack up and go about their own accord after a certain hour. He wasn’t sure how long her friends shop would be open.


“Call me if you need anything?”

“Frivilous shopping is in my budget, thank you.” She responded with a grin as she flicked the cigarette away. “Jat’i Keff is in the underground, it’s next to the Purple Tail and Thrusters on the south face.”


Aayahpoy’shiri leaned up to kiss Xephron’s cheek before she turned to disappear into the crowds of the streets. That was one thing Poy was good at; hiding in plain sight. She had learned the importance of naturally melding in with her surroundings from the time spent on Nar Shadaa. The Twi’lek was at ease in navigating through crowds to reach her destination.


The Underground didn’t pay attention to Poy save for a few cautious glances over whispered deals. She ignored them to the same extent that she was ignored and stepped through the doors of Jat’i Keff as they slid open.


“Where’s this Bliss?” A Zabrak woman asked and pushed herself up from her armchair.


“Checking on the Temple. He might come down here when he’s done.”


“You bagged yourself a Jedi then?”


“For now.”


Neikei Sarkanias couldn’t help but to snerk at the statement, “For now, she says with all the cynicism of a good spacer.”


“I know how it works, Niki. It’s nothing to do with the black.” Poy mumbled, manuevering around the ship to sit on the edge of one of the tattoo beds.


“When you’re in love with the black,” The Iridonian explained, taking the time to gather up the sticks and inks she would need to carry out the second tattooed sleeve. They had spent many nights discussing the designs of constellations that would cover her left arm once she had been set free. Neikei didn’t forget these things. Not for her friends. “It consumes you. The most you get is friend with benefits who sticks around, maybe you love them. Maybe you don’t, but you never get to admit it.”


“You admitted it!” A rough voice, underlined with a Mandolorian accent called from the back of the shop.


“I retired, Inama!”

Neikei Sarkanias tossed the wooden tattooing stick into the waste bin beside the bed. Her Twi’lek client looking over the fresh work on her golden arm with a pleased grin, “Freedom.” She whispered and looked up to watch the Zabrak wipe her hands on the sides of her pants. She had been doing it for years and the ink stains that riddled her clothing were a true testament.


“Bout fuckin’ time too.” Neikei chuckled and pulled a cigar tube from her back pocket. “I heard you got twice the vengeance for the price of one.” She continued, pulling the cigar from the tube and tossing the tube into the waste as well. “That son of his had quite the stack on your lekku.”


“Why does everyone say lekku? I’m aware I have headtails.” Poy asked, pushing herself up off the tattooing bed to flop down into Neikei’s plush armchair.


The bald Mandalorian woman stepped out from the back, “The price was on your lekku. “


“Just my lekku?”


“Ayup.” They responded in time, Inama tossing a bottle of Corellian Whiskey to Neikei, once the Zabrak had clenched the cigar between her teeth.




“You didn’t have to off him in his own home, kiddo.”


“It’s bounty-head one-oh-one,” The Zabrak pulled the cork from the bottle and walked over to Aayahpoy’shiri, holding it out in offering. “If the family is home, you don’t go in.”


Poy took the bottle and a generous swig. “What the frotz do I know about bounty hunting?”


“Nothing. That’s the problem.”


“I’m not going to make a business of killing people.” She took another swig, watching Neikei light her cigar.


“It comes with the territory, Poy. You chose this business, it gets dirty. Niki and I had to learn both your business as well as our own when we were first starting out.” Inama ran a hand over her bald head as she came to lean against the front counter.


“I’m not just starting out.” Poy’s voice delivered her words with petulance. She eased her pouting expression with another swig before handing the bottle off to Inama.


“No and that’s the problem.”


“Do a few runs with us, I’ll send Inama with you. We’ll show you a few ropes.”


“Maybe. I need some contracts soon.”






Neikei laughed, “What is it I always say about Twi’lek’s, babe?”


At some point in the conversation a second and third bottle of whiskey were brought out. The three woman chuckling and drinking as the hours ticked by. The sun could’ve been high in the night sky, but the artificial lighting of the Underground kept them in the dark. Time just merged.


A punch was thrown as a bad joke made regarding horny women. Poy punched back. Inama retrieved a fourth bottle of whiskey rather than watch the two weapon scrap on the floor of the shop. Laughter soon rendered them unable to continue on and they leaned back against the front counter.


The Iridonian, the Mandolorian and the Twi’lek sat lined up, facing the front door. Between them they passed the fourth bottle of whiskey. Their chuckles had become a chorus of giggles.

Xephron arrived at the ruined Jedi Temple just after sundown. His eyes locked on the broken and burned structure. They stayed glued on it’s surface until the moment when the cab driver started pestering him.


“Hey, tourist boy, you gonna get out or what? Meter’s runnin.”


Xeph blinked and nodded, pulling out a few credit chips and passing them over before exiting the hovering vehicle.


As his foot touched down on the worn stone steps, Xephron’s breath seemed to catch in his throat. Castle Organa was magnificent, was literally dwarfed in size by the remains of the Jedi Temple. Even through the obvious destruction outside, Xephron could tell that this place was the very pinnacle of the Jedi. He felt strong here. Even hurt as he was, he could feel the Force flowing freely through him.


He finally got a hold of himself and started walking up the steps towards the main entrance. It was obvious that a cleanup had indeed, finally started. But the scorch marks of blaster cannon fire still pocked the ziggurat and the towers. The giant main entrance door still remained broken from where the stolen republic shuttle slammed through it. His eyes flicked back and forth over the structure, a feeling of the surreal hitting him square in the chest.


Construction signs were flashing all over the front entrance and a line of good old fashioned caution tape was wrapped around the door. But Xephron hadn’t come across the galaxy to the Core to be held back by caution tape. He stepped under eagerly and pressed in through the ruined doors. Immediately he could tell that a huge battle had taken place within the main corridor. Blaster marks and neat slashes were lining the pillars and floor. A cold breeze blew through the gaping door and sent a shiver down Xephron’s spine as he slowly walked forward, as if he was afraid of stepping on someone’s grave.


“Why are you here boy?” Xeph heard a stern, strong voice say from behind him. He didn’t turn, thinking it was probably some rent-a-cop patrolling the area.


”Paying respects…”


“The answer to your question… is no. This was not the place where your father fell.”


Xeph raised an eyebrow and swung on the cop… only to lose his breath in a gust. Standing before him was a man who wasn’t actually there. He could see through the man through to the door. His body was shimmering blue, as if he just… wasn’t physically corporeal. He was wearing the robes of a Jedi Master.


Even though Xephron had never met the man before, he knew exactly who he was looking at. The Jedi’s face had been plastered all across the holonet after the Sacking of Coruscant.


“….Jedi Master Ven Zallow…”


The Force Ghost nodded once, staring through Xephron as he backed up.


“I’m not sure how you are… not dead. But… I’ve seen a lot of strange things so, I’ll just add this to the list. Uh… erm… I’m not here wondering about my father though. I’ve accepted that my past is my past. It should stay there.”


Zallow nodded again, curiously. “Then I ask again.. why have you come?”


Xeph tore his eyes from the spectre before before him and looked around the temple again. His next words came weak and low from his lips. “To find out what I’m fighting for…”


“And what have you discovered?” The dead Jedi Master prodded on, coming to stand next to Xephron, looking over the remains of the Temple with him.


Tide sighed, “I’ve found… purpose, here. I’m not even that great with my senses really, but even I can tell that even through our darkest hour, the Jedi remain strong and true. Because things like this only make us stronger, smarter. But the Order isn’t full of morons… how could something like this even happen?”


Zallow glanced down at Xeph, “We grew comfortable, complacent. We didn’t think that the Sith dared to show up on our doorstep and so it was exactly what they did. Exactly what we thought they wouldn’t do, they did. Many Jedi, including myself… died for our folly. But with our fall comes the rise of the next generation. You are part of the new guard, young Tide. You must learn from our mistakes and forge ahead.”


Xephron’s eyes flicked to the ancient floor. “Predictably unpredictable…”


Ven’s eyes studied the young man before him, and a small smile grew on his face when Xephron began to un-sling his arm. “Have you found your reason to fight?”


Xeph nodded and tossed the sling aside. “I need to fight so that things like this never happen again. So that the Order can flourish once more. The galaxy is a dark place Master Zallow. The Jedi shed light on that darkness, they cannot be exterminated. If they are… all is lost. Excuse me Master Zallow, I have to get back to Alderaan. I have responsibilities awaiting my attention. It’s time I start being serious about the Mantle I’ve accepted to take on.”


Ven Zallow nodded. “And so you do. May the Force be with you, Jedi Xephron Tide.”


Xephron bowed low to the fallen Master. “May the Force be with you also, Master Ven Zallow.”


Xeph strode out with his head held high. His purpose had been sparked back into existence. He was going to be a Jedi Knight one day. And the Sith were going to regret the day when that title would be bestowed upon him.

The fifth bottle of whiskey was obviously the last to be shared between the three women. They took their time in not just the passing of it but the drinking of it too. Inama’s head was leaned against the Zabrak woman’s shoulder; lodged in a deep slumber. “What happened to your bliss?” She slurred and reached to take the bottle of whiskey from Poy. The Twi’lek relinquished with a drunken smile and fished a cigarette out of her side pouch for herself.


“I think I was supposed to comm him.” She took a drag from the cigarette as she lit it, “He was going to Jedi Temple.”


“He knows it’s destroyed, right?”




“Did you not mention it?”


“His lips were distracting me.”


Neikei whacked Poy upside the head. The Twi’lek’s cigarette flew from her lips and Poy jumped up to tackle the Iridonian woman. Inama stirred long enough to lay in the opposite direction of the women’s second scuffle.



Laughter easily heard outside the shop.

It didn’t take too long for the cab driver to make it down in front of Jat’I Keff. Xephron smirked as he exited the vehicle and watched it take off. It figured that Poy knew people in this part of Coruscant.


For every gem in the galaxy, there was a patch of filthy mud to make it darker. Coruscant was no different. It was beautiful on the upper levels, but… not so much below. The lower you got, the more dangerous it would become.


As it was, a drunken swooper from the Thruster came sauntering up to Xephron, eyeing him up like he was fresh meat. Xephron probably looked a bit too clean to be down at this level. But he wasn’t afraid of that. He was a Jedi after all.


The brute wasn’t wearing a shirt, and had a large vibro-blade sticking out of his pants in plain sight.


“You lost kid?”


Why is it always the same line on every planet?


Xephron eyed him evenly, showing no emotion of fear on his face. “You know. It’s funny. I get asked that on just about every planet I go to. Want to know what I tell everyone else?”


The swooper licked his lips and raised his eyebrows, as if goading the young Tide to answer.


Xeph’s eyebrows dropped dangerously and he turned fully towards the swoop jock, letting his scar show in plain sight. It was an intimidation tactic, and one that was only powered further by the flickering lights of the bar from which the jock had come from. It systematically lit up Xephron’s face and thrust it back into darkness every few seconds.


“I tell them, even if I am lost. You really, don’t want to be the one to give me directions….now… shoo fly. I have more important things to attend than you.”


The swooper took a single step forward but found that that was as far as he could move. As if some invisible wall were holding his limbs in place, he couldn’t move forward. It was at that moment that he decided he was better off just walking the other direction. Xeph nodded and called after him.


”Good choice.”


He stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets, letting his elbow rest from dangling straight down without it’s sling. He leaned against the door to the tattoo shop and pushed it open with his back, stepping into the shop where he found Poy and 2 other women rolling around on the floor wrestling.


“Um…. Hi.”

Neikei easily forced the lithe Twi’lek face first onto the floor only to perch victoriously on her back. She flipped her long black hair over her shoulders and smiled up at the human Jedi who passed through the doors. Not forgetting her manners, she reached out to pick up the undisturbed and half-full bottle of Corellian Whiskey. “We’re closed,” She slurred, “But I can offer you a drink.” The Zabrak woman held the bottle of whiskey out to Xephron Tide.


“..Niki…” Poy groaned upon turning her head to look up at Xephron as well, a heavily intoxicated smile painted on her lips. Nothing in the Galaxy was amiss that this moment. “Meet Xephron Tide.”


Niki Sark sprang up to her feet; if sprang could explain the mostly stumbled motion that she made to reach her feet. “This is Bliss?”


Poy nodded and made the attempt to push herself to her feet. She managed to fall back down onto her ass with a hiccup.


“Pleasure, Bliss. I’m Niki Sark.” The Zabrak swayed a bit as she held out her hand.


Inama snored.

Xephron raised his eyebrows to the sky. There was drunk.. and then there was knock down drunk. Xeph saw the three women before him as being all of the above.


“Uh… No drink thanks…”


His brow knitted in confusion as he was refered to as “bliss”. But he shook Niki’s hand firmly anyway.


“The pleasure is mine miss Sark… I think. How long have you three been drinking?” A small smirk was appearing on his lips as he watched Poy fumble on the floor like a fish out of water.


They’d have to be at it for quite some time given the state they were in. He couldn’t tell if the stuff they were drinking was powerful enough to knock them out so thoroughly with one bottle.

Four empty bottles tumbled to the floor with a clatter when Poy made the final attempt to hoist herself to her feet. This time she managed it successfully with the quick help of Neikei, who almost landed herself on the floor with the hand given. “We started…” The Twi’lek tapped at her forehead absently.


“Right after the tattoo.”


“It’d been awhile.”


Neikei chuckled and slipped Poy’s arm from her sturdy body and shifted the Twi’lek’s balance onto Xephron as she rested Poy’s arm around the Jedi’s shoulder. “Usually we’re not interrupted, but if you’re the one behind that smile.” She grinned over at the snoring form of Inama, she didn’t feel the need to voice her understanding. “You’re forgiven.”


Poy warbled on her feet a moment when Neikei passed by her and kissing her cheek. “Ma’allesh, Pelire.” She whispered in two languages. “Watch out for her, Bliss.”


“I don’t need it.”


“That’s what you always say.” Neikei granted them another smile before she shooed them out the doors. Finally, she would lock down and hide from the responsibilities that would come with the morning.

Xephron braced Poy easily against his body. He let a knowing gleam twinkle in his eyes as he looked at Niki with a nod.


“Come on Nonna. Lets get you home.” He winked at Niki as she pushed them out the door.


A slight push of the Force and Xephron was carrying Poy out the door like he was her hero. He could manage that until they got back to the ship. All he needed was to take a little bit of pressure off of his healing limbs. By the time they got back to Alderaan though, Xeph would be right as rain.


He had training to get back to. He wouldn’t get stronger by wishing for it.



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