A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

The Mandalorian (Aayhan Testori – Star Wars)

OOC Note: This was a story I began, I’m not sure where I’m going with it or what I’m doing with it.  But I’m noticing I’m really stuck with A names lately.  Might be updated, might not.  We’ll see.

Aliit ori’shya tal’din.

“Family is more than bloodline.”

Long, tanned legs swung over the side of the bed.  She leaned forward, rubbing her forehead as her long black hair fell around her, settling against her back and over her bare breasts.  Her chest heaved with a yawn and tossed aside the thin silk blanket that covered her hips still.  She reached behind her as she looked back over the figure that laid in the bed still and pulled her hair over her left shoulder.  The man opened his eyes, blinking a few times before he smiled softly and muttered in a sleepy haze as he reached out to trail his fingertips over his wife’s tattooed back.  He didn’t fail to notice the new ink that adorned upper left of her shoulder blade.

The woman offered a small smile before she pushed herself off the bed.  The man watched her, bright blue eyes never leaving the tattooed and curvecous form of his partner, despite her bringing her hair over her shoulder the long black locks slipped back and brushed over her hips as she swayed away.

“How long until you leave?” He asked loudly in Basic upon hearing the ‘fresher start up.

“A few hours,” Her voice was harsh and heavily accented.  “I had planned to spend some time with Alfonso before I left.”

“And you’ll return…?” He trailed off, his tone posing the question.

His wife didn’t respond.  Not at first.  She held off her response until she stepped out of the ‘fresher, scrunching her hair beneath a towel.  “I can’t tell you, you know this, Guillermo, I can never tell you what I don’t know.”

He sat up and motioned for her to come closer.  “Aayhan.” His voice was low and melodic.  She could never deny him when he took such a tone.  She laid the towel on the edge of the bed and perched upon his lap, kneeling as she straddled his hips.

“What?”  She crossed her arms over her small, pert breasts as she noticed his gaze lingering over her hardened and upturned nipples.

Guillermo brushed his dark brown hair from his face and smiled sheepishly up at Aayhan, leaning up as he rested his hands on her arms to slowly move then away from her breasts, “After this job, stay home with me for a year again, let us have another child.”

She closed her eyes, acquising without a spoken word as his lips brushed against the side of her neck.


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