A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

How to Cope While Fighting the Scourge. (Padija Delvanna – WoW)

There wasn’t a single hesitation in the movements of Padija Delvanna as she slammed her shield down, digging it into the dirt and crouched down behind the massive hunk of metal.  The chains still pushed her small form back; her shield digging a small trench with the power.  Her body vibrated.

Her fel green eyes shined brightly as she peered over the edge of her shield.  The Abomination was only twenty feet away.  She could hear the clatter of its chains dragging back slowly across the scourge tainted earth and snow.  Her eyes closed and chest heaved with a few deep, quick intakes of breaths. The Sin’dorei woman missed watching the sun come through the clouds after a morning shower.  She thought on the sounds of the swallows that used to fly under the bridges.   The taste of the years first grapes.   Her eyes opened.

The Argent Crusader pulled her shield from the ground, supporting it with her side.  She remained half-crouched behind the bulwark.  Each step she took was a slow, wide stride.  Her long and heavily muscled legs making her armour clank and groan.  Inside her glove she felt the sweat of her hand; her grip was becoming slick despite its tightness on the hilt of her blade.

Chains jangled together as the Abomination raised its massive arm up to whip them at the Sin’dorei Crusader again.  The Scourge would make her theirs.  Padija Delvanna screamed to fight through her exhaustion and pain.  She screamed as she hauled her shield up, her legs propelling her forward quickly.  The words of her scream a spell of exorcism.  A plea for the Holy Light to bless her blade.

She slammed her shield against what served as a groin of the Abomination and thrust her blade upwards under its chest cavity. The Abomination glowed with the aura of the Light a moment before the massive form swayed and fell backwards.  Padija slammed her shield into the ground and fell against it.  She needed a moment to breathe.

She closed her eyes and walked through the streets of Lordaeron.


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