A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Of Faith (Aayahpoy’shiri – SWTOR)

Aayahpoy’shiri stripped out of her usual garb; the worn brown utility belt with it’s strap around her thigh, two holsters and three pouches. The hydrospanners attached to it clanked to against the hull of her ship as she hung it just outside the cargo bay. She carefully slid off her worn black combat boots and folded her brown leather pants; setting them neatly atop the boots. Her tapered fingers peeled away the worn brown leather and rough cloth that made up the sleeveless bodice she often wore, always having appreciated the way it clung to her curves and sculpted her cleavage. She pulled away her goggles and the black leather bandana before slipping into the sheer white robes that were always kept pristinely clean.

The Twi’lek reached out and parted the beaded curtains that lead into the small temple she had pieced together in the unused cargo bay of her freighter. It had served as her reminder to a past that could’ve been, a past she clung to. Poy had never been one to not question the teachings of the the Acar’ya’s and the Kiva’s despite the strength of her faith. When she was a child, there had been great talks of her promise to become an oracle once her training was complete, that she held Kikka’lekki’s gift but, Poy had never truly listened. Rather, she spent her days in the temple asking questions and making jokes; playing pranks on the younger Twi’lek’s.

Poy sat in the center of the cargo bay, arranging herself atop a large silken pillow to sit in her heels. The sheer robe pooled around her. She had never allowed anyone to see the temple she had built in this bay, with all its silks and tapestries, fine rugs, candles lining the hull and incense always burning in front of the small statue of Kikka’lekki that had been painstakingly secured to a hand crafted altar. The Smuggler put her hands together and bowed her head, her lekku gliding over her shoulders. Her mind was wrought with thoughts, memories, all of them revolving around her recent encounter on Nar Shaddaa. She smiled to herself, if he did not decide to take the credits of her bounty Poy knew that she would show him this place.

Her voice rose up in song, melodic, husky and sincere. She sung out with sorrow and with hope.

“My creator, Kika’lekki, mother of the five teardrops,please hear me as I speak.”

“Grant me the wisdom to see your hand in my life and the conviction to remain true to you when it seems all hope is lost. Open my mind and heart that you may guide me. Show me what is best, empower me and grant me favor that through you I may find the strength and knowledge to walk the path you set for me.”

“You have power, I have none. You know what I cannot even imagine. If the path I choose is good for my life and the lives I touch, then make it easy for me, and bless it for me. If the path is bad, then turn it away from me, and turn me away from it. I am weak. Give me the strength I need. If my burden oppresses me beyond my bearing, lighten my load, that my strength may be equal to it.”

“Lead me to live in such a way to honor the memory of those who have discovered what only you know for certain. Help me to be at peace, as those who have passed before me are at peace. They have left a part of themselves and shall live forever in my memories. Let me not forget that they will always be there, with love and with all the best wishes for my future.”

“Let me walk in the knowledge that with harm to none, and for the good of all, my prayer is heard. I can make change happen in my life today, I am blessed with free will, and that by my intention all acts of peace and non-violence will manifest.”

“Blessings be unto all your children and those that uphold them as you would see them upheld. I remain your child, your faithful servant and my love for you knows no bounds.”

“Hear me, Mother, my prayer and heart are yours.”

She leaned forward and touched her forehead to the floor before leaning up and kissing the statue of Kikka’lekki before rolling to her feet and leaving the small cargo bay.



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