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Letters to Mo’sul (Erzulie In’ama – WoW)

(OOC Note: These are a written corresponce between Mo’sul Mo’ana and Erzulie In’ama. They are reposted with permission from Mo’sul’s player.)

A simple letter is delivered, written in elegant Zandali script.

Dearest Mo’sul,

I see the hand of Shango everywhere. I almost feel like I’m more adept at noticing his workings now that I longer serve him. And yet, it almost seems as if too much is happening to be the work of the Loas. We’re told not to worry, that these are just earthquakes. Yet, there is a new Warchief. The Isles are being cleansed of Zalazane’s corruption. There are cultists everywhere. Too many coincidences and when you don’t believe in coincidence…I spoke to a Darkspear Shaman on this last night after watching he and a companion set wards around the Isles to protect it from whatever havoc the quakes may wreck within the seas. He reminded me of the tales of Old Gods who would play the elements as if they were pawns in one of Medivhs’ chess games. That history often times repeats itself.

We live in a time when we believe we can kill gods. When we have killed gods.

This frightens me. The murmurs of the Loas frighten me. They are quiet to their followers and yet we can hear them in the backs of our minds during prayers. They are worried. They, like us are being tested.

Despite the chaos however, there is celebration.

The Echo isles are being cleansed. Soon will come a time when we can return to them. I say we in hopes that you would join me in moving back to them. I don’t know if I could call a place home that did not have you.

On the notation of homes, please, do not let Zar’huda’s presence disturb you. He and Ayida have come to stay with us, with me, for the time being in lieu of recent incidents.
I’d like to keep an eye on him to make sure that someone isn’t trying to make him a full Dire Troll, such a transition would hurt the twins and myself. Despite it all, he is still my closest friend. And I’ll watch over him. Espicially since the death of my father.

His ashes had hardly been dispersed in the Forgotten Sea before Zar’huda assaulted me. No. That’s not right. It wasn’t Zar’huda who assaulted me. It was something else… something deeper. The General Stormfist and I have been looking into it. Food packages sent out to, what we presume, is members of the Tribe. Rinny-bird and General Stormfist and the Sin’dorei, Annania all received one as well though, neither ate from it.

My father though, before he died, told me a tale of the day the twins were conceived. The day I kicked you in front of the basilisk cave. He seemed to think that Legba put you in my path and Shango’s hold on me drove me to create the chaos that could’ve been the source of all our troubles. Zar’huda’s curse. Your death. But presuming that the roads would’ve been different is looking back on a past that was not and not worth the time. What remains is the path has righted itself. He is proud of my decision. Was proud. Not that day, but in choosing you.

All of that written, my youngest has been taken by Abi’jah as his seventh mate. She says it is Shivallah’s will and who am I to question it. I worry for her though and pray for her happiness. I’m glad that she is only across the river.

For now, I dance to cleanse the Isles.

I miss you, Mo’sul. And Ratbag.

Your Sea-Troll.

…Oh, did you eat the meat that your cousin sent?

(in much simpler Zandali hand!)

Dear Zulie,

I think I understanding most your letter, may needing a few more times to read.
I am thinking the Echo Islands become in time, cleansed for the Darkspear. Vol’jin is wise.
The presence of the Baron there – I am uncertain of. You will understand.

I hear what you saying of Zar’huda when you were that ill. I stay I hand for you. Watch, only. Trust the General, he is good and right.
I have not yet eated of the meat sent by.. Zultepe. I will not let it waste, but it is not a necessity for I. I am curious as to why he be send it. If he send a parcel for everything that Apembe eats, that is a lot of parcel. Is it his hand behind the others you mention?
This news does disturb.

I am glad you are on the way of wellness. Most glad.
And if Shirvallah be guiding your daughter, then that is as he will.
If it be Shirvallah.
As fo’ Shango na… perhaps it be his revenge on I for some deed back then, as I be forgetting? That need some thinking about though. I know I not always the most respectful of trolls, back then.

I am hoping to be done with the requirements of these Argent, and their little sticks and ponies, soon.
Loas watch over ju.

~ Mo’sul.

Dearest Mo’sul,

I do not believe that is Zultepe’s hand behind the packages. What reason would your cousin have for Anannia, Rinny-bird or the General? Or even Zar’huda? I don’t believe he knows these people at all. No, I believe the meat your cousin sent is a gift, nothing more. In return I sent him saltfish for Apembe and a few other items. Nothing of note.

I thank you for your understanding with Zar’huda. I know that you and he have not had the best of starts but he is no threat to you or me.

With Shango, one can never though, Mo’sul. It is the past and the paths have been cleared and rectified. At least, that is my belief. Shango may simply have been annoyed that you woke up on the wrong side of the mat. Or ate an overripe banana rather than an underripe banana. That is Shango.

I do understand about the Baron, having prayed to him. I will remain in the Hatchet Hills. The hut there is more than one could ask for and it will be a long time before the Isles are ready. I’ll be returning home tonight with fresh fresh fish, fruits… new soaps.

Play well with the Argents. I cheer for you.

Your Sea-Troll

Dear Zulie.

Perhaps you be right about the parcels. I do not know how many of the Tribe are known by Zultepe. Apembe is a good cat. Zultepe.. well. We have our difference.

I do not eat of the banana. It is not to I liking. Shango must having different reason.

I miss the fish. There is no good water for miles. I have yet to try past the cliff edge. All is poorly cooked meat upon little sticks here. Burnt and flavourless. I think it from old horse. Now, a bar of your fine soap, that I could wish for. This joust be making the mess and smell. Why risk life of animal in battle? Better to stand and fight.
I hoping to purchase a raptor. It is looking unhappy in this land. They tell I that if I prove I-self – prove? I ? that I may take this raptor. What it be doing in these snowy land, is not right. Raptors be creatures of warmer place. Even the Drakkari do not lend theirs to the snow.

And that trumpet of blaring. I think I force it down the player’s throat.
But I am island of calm, I. Yes.

Waving these sticks on the back of an animal. I feel like a pikne. It is not right!

With fondness ~ Mo’sul.

A package is delivered with the note. Inside contains a bottle of mango nectar, three fresh mangos, two fresh papaya, a dragonfruit, a pommelo, a dozen or so fresh kiwi’s, a large satchel of saltfish and a smaller package of dried fruits. There is also two oil-skin satchels of soap. The first smelling rickly of kingsblood, liferoot and kelp. It has a coasre texture given to it by sea salts. The second, smells of the sea and is just as fluid and velvet as the feel of the sea just off the coast of Grom’Gol. At the bottom of the package is a gem taken from her hair, a few strands of the vibrant purple mane still attached.

Dearest Mo’sul,

The example of the banana was an example of how petty Shango can be, not to say you actually ate the banana. Loas forgive me for that.

At your size I’m surprised that the Argents do not allow you to just stand and fight. Who are they to understand that every creature is a sacred creation of our dieties; or even the constitution of our raptors? But even in war there is need to relax and the Argents have done well in their tournament to bring the people together. Why you’re continuing to play with their jousting sticks is admirable, I do envy your skill with them. I’ve taken to doing errands for the Sunreavers under Ayida’s suggestion. I think she’d like to keep me from embrassasing myself.

When you have acquired your raptor from them, you will look and be mighty on it. Pride for the Darkspear and for the Mo’ana’s.

I have found though, that in focusing the mind it is rather simple to tune out the sound of their horns and call upon the memories of the ritual singers around the Isles. Notes trapping in their throats and emerging with such harmony. Maybe that can be the center to your island of calm?

Last night we stormed through the ruins of Zul’Aman to clear it of the Amani encroachments again; furthering ensuring the safety of our collection of huts. The families that now reside here in the Hatchett Hills. It was quite odd to be watching a Sin’dorei lead our assault and not tailing after your towering form. The twins and Adjassou were waiting outside for us when were done. In many ways, the move to the Ghostlands has brought my tusklings and I closer together. It’s an odd turn of events when they are no longer ickle pikne.

What, may I ask, was it that transpired between you and your cousin?

I know you do not need to eat, but enjoy the package.

Your Sea-Troll

*stained with mango juice*

Dear Zulie.

Thanks for all the fruit. The soaps be welcome relief.
Punched a kodo in the nose today – it were misbehaving. I am thinking some the animals be fretful in this environment. I do not like to be punching kodos on the nose, but it make for the paying of attention. Much prefer the raptor, I.

Tbe old singing be not what it used to be. In I returned state, there is hollowness to the voice, as make the singing of the throat sound.. odd.

I be glad to hear of the closeness you gaining with your no-longer-pikne. And I be glad that the Amani be being kept at bay.

As for Zultepe. It.. long story. We never seen eye to eye, and I can’t rightly say what it is. Perhaps it is the being of “too alike?”
There are some things a troll is not proud of doing, with hindsight. I done I share of those things. It concern I, that he seeking to do the same.
One such incident be long behind us now, but it not surprise I if he trying something. Mo’ana have the memory of the deep.

So long for now, and thanks also for the fish.

~ Mo’sul

Dearest Mo’sul,

Sometimes the past is best put behind us. You live and learn. At any rate, you live. Family is stronger for the grudges we carry and the forgiveness that inevitably comes with it in time. Maybe one day you and Zultepe can come to that, neither of you gain anything by holding onto it. I can see the resemblence between the two you of though, it’s hard not to miss even in the one meeting I’ve had with him. I keep expecting to see him again, espicially when I was out on the Echo Isles, but I did not search.

What is it that he would try?

Perhaps one day you’ll tell me the story.

With the Scourge that are still in Icecrown and the cold, it’s no surprise that the animals would be fretful, I’ve noticed it myself out there. Nasaan certainly hates flying in that windchill and he’s hard enough to control when he’s a happy drake. Kisro will have none of it, but she’s an old raptor and almost at the end of her years. I don’t think the bitter cold does well for her bones. On that idea of bitter bones, how are yours holding up? It’s been a good while since I last used the vines to try to ease your pain with them.

As for the singing, it’s not what you sound like that matters when trying to tune out that around you. It’s the peace of mind it brings.

Ruffle Ratbag for me and take care of yourself.

My love.

Your Sea-Troll

Dearest Mo’sul,

Last night when I was dancing in the cleansing rituals out on the Isles, I was found by your cousin, Zultepe and that wonderful tiger of his, Apembe. Of course, I fed Apembe more of the saltfish that everyone seems so addicted to and I spoke for some time with Zultepe.

We sat on the beach, looking over the Great Sea and spoke of the Mo’ana’s. Of you. How are the two of you not brothers? You are so much alike and yet, so different. The rift that is between you saddens me greatly. As he explains it, it is one that grew over time. The Mo’sul he has in his mind is nothing more than the boyo that you were. He doesn’t know the man you’ve become, the changes that death has made to you. I have urged him to meet with you and he has agreed. Will you?

If so, I shall make some special frog venom brew and pick up some teas from Nakawe. Maybe fish and make you both a meal fitting for such a conversation.

There is also another Darkspear in the Tribe now, Ngozi. He remembers my family well and came to me for guidance. I truly feel as if I am doing Legba’s work. This path is right. Legba’s path. Thank you for helping me to come to it, Mo’sul.

My love.

Your Sea-Troll

Dear Zulie.

(scratched out words)
(scratched out words)
(paper crumpled, then resmoothed)

It disconcert I, that I be the subject of conversings you have wit’ that one. Him have a tongue of guile.
It not a rift as grow over time – it been that way since we be pikne.
I know I am not being the brightest spark as ever fall from a bonfire, him only remind I of this, time and time again.
What is him motive for following you about?
If nothing else, a meeting would sort that, I think, yes.

(scratched out writings)

Ngozi.. be not a name of I familiarity. He is fighter?
It is good that Legba guide you.
I hoping also that he keep him servant safe, yes?

I hoping this most earnest.
Your Fishing Mon.

Dearest Mo’sul,

I will arrange the meeting then. Though, I cannot tell you his motivations for following me. I can however, tell you that has been nothing but proper with me. He is rather sincere with his words. I hope you’ll forgive me for my mettle but if this is not guiding, then I’m sure I have it all wrong.

Ngozi is a fighter, to what end I do not know. He seems a misplaced soul that belongs to Shango. The irony of guiding him to Shango does not fail to find me.

The day has found me well, I travel back to the Hatchett Hills tonight and perhaps stop by Feralas for a short time. If only to look. I will begin to prepare for your meeting. I pray the Argents treat you will and I look forward to seeing you once again. It’s an odd thing to miss a chilly embrace, yet, there it is.

My love.

Your Sea Troll.


I have not seen nor heard from you in time. I am concerned about you. The way you left and the misunderstandings that I’m sure must be running through your mind. You overthink everything…

Send word?

I will be moving to the Echo Isles soon, once this recent tune has passed. I am not in much of a state to do much other than walk and perhaps seek battle to clear my head.

I wait.



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