A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Goodbye. (Erzulie In’ama – WoW)

(Cleaned up from a RealID chatlog and reposted with permission from Zar’huda.)

The mass of a troll slowl turned the pages of the dark tome, the very shadows of the silent room in the hut hurled and danced about him. Another page was passed, he was getting drowsy and as the next page was read, the massive monster of a troll had drifted into sleep.

The great Sea rose up to greet him, the weather beaten dock swayed with the gusts of wind. A storm was coming, angry black clouds threatened the horizon. Erzulie In’ama stood at the end of the dock, moving easily with every sway. She wore a loose, sheer light blue robe. Her wrists and neck adorned with fine jewels made for her by Zar’huda. The tusk was gone from her septum.

Since the recovery from his beloved’s remains he had kept the tusk that she once wore on her spetum, tight in his massive palm as he found it in hers, the storm made his ears twitch as his weary eyes opened briefly. The candle was almost gone, no replacement for it and half way through the book he had recently gotten. He closed the yellowed pages and covered his form with Erzulie’s tiger skin, wrapping himself around it. He looked out the window, storm, he sighed and closed his eyes once again, falling quick asleep.

Lightning crashed in the distance and Erzulie looked to it, smiling softly as she waited for her love at the edge of the dock as she always had. As she always would.

Zar’huda jumped, he growled softly, the storm wouldn’t let him sleep, so he would just contemplate it. It had been a difficult time, the light figure in the dock, however made him jump from the top floor of the hut, near flat out falling on his face, he tripped and fell on his knees, the moist ground not helping his size, slippery as it was, he finally managed to hold the impressive ten feet toguether in that tall stance of his, he rushed to figure, he panted, Erzulie, she was alive. He finally reached the dock, the rain had made a mess of his mane which hung loosely on his back ans shoulders, dripping wet as the rest of him. “Erzulie!” he exclamated with a smile in his scarred face as he approached the figure.

She turned, smiling up at him and rushing to almost tackling him in a tight embrace. She nuzzled her tusks against his fur as she showered him in kisses. She was in a dream, she could do this.

Zar’huda rumbled happily, hugging his lover tightly. “You are alive!” he said, nuzzling her form. “You’re alive.” he kept repeating over and over, his ears flat against his skull like an overjoyed puppy. He continued to trail her form with his hands.

She lifted her head from his cheek and shook it slowly as her hands came to rest upon either side of his neck. “No, my love. I am anything but not alive, I found what I had sought out.” She leaned her head down to rest her forehead against his. “And I already miss how you feel, but I always be here, in your head. In your heart.”

The troll’s face turned into a frown, a deep one at that. “So… this is a dream.” the troll spoke sadly and embraced her tightly. “No… Zulie…why?” his voice cracked. “Why now? After twenty years…no.” his embrace grew tighter. “Why?”

“I lost them, Zar’huda. Those stupid rats…” She whispered, “Our tusklings are grown, they have their families…I fought. I did what I said I was going to do.”

“I will miss you.” He whispered to her in his tight embrace. “I will miss you.” he repeated himself, his muscles tensed for breif a moment. “You will raise them there… The Mo’ana rats will have thier mother to guide them in the Baron’s domain.” he spoke softly. “I love you Erzulie. Always have… Always will.”

She smiled at this and let herself down from him, “I know. And I will be here waiting for you, Zar’huda. I’m good at waiting for you.”

Zar’huda smiled down to her, pained smile at that. “I will be there when the Baron writes my name.” he nodded. “I will search for you when the time comes, Erzulie, my Erzulie.”

“You will not need to search far.” She turns and walks to the end of the docks. The clouds have begun to roll in quickly now, the chaos of the storm growing. She turned and looked back, “You were always my soul Zar’huda. But tell my heart, tell those Mo’ana boys that I also loved them, make sure Mo’sul understands that, my love.” She looks out over the sea. The sky alights with a crack of lightening. The figure is gone. In her place a little girl with bright purple hair stands, “You never have to look far, grandpere.”
Another flash of lightening.
The dock is empty.

With the fall of lightning the massive troll woke up from a jump, he gripped the tusk in his hand until it bled. The shadows swirled about the room wildly at first but then gently, slowly, almost dancing with each other. The troll silently cried a tear from each eye. “I will tell, Erzulie… I will.” he sighed as he looked down at the bloody tusk and his pierced hand.


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