A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Journey’s End (Ayida and Adjassou In’ama – WoW)

“Mama?” Ayida opened her eyes, feeling the energy of her mother within the small Kel’zhan hut within Bamballa. She pushed the tiger furs to the side and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She could hear Kelruk’s breathing, the rise and fall of his chest. Razsha purred as she slept at the foot of their bed. The hut was empty but Ayida still felt the energy. “Mama?” She whispered again and wrapped a light mageweave blanket over her form as she stepped outside into the cool Stranglethorn night. Her amber eyes took a moment to focus only for her to close them again and focus her attention on the sounds of the jungle surrounding her. The creatures, the birds, the movements of the Darkspear within Bamballa. Her short purple hair rustled with the breeze and she took a deep breath.

Adjassou took another drink of the ale the Shu’halo had handed her. Her ears were flicking with curiousity as she continued to listen to the odd collections of languages. She understood to few of the things that were said that she planted a serene smile to her expression and nodded whenever asked a question. The shells in her hair clattered together as a gust of wind whipped through her hair, the young Troll blinked and quickly looked up to Ake’tsu. He didn’t seem to notice. She shoved her ale into his hands and ran off, her dress ripping away as she shifted without a thought. At the edge of the water outside of Bloodhoof Village she skidded to a stop. There was no breeze. There was no energy. Nothing but the smell of kelp and kingsblood.


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