A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

The Calm. The Storm. (WoW – In’ama Family)

The Witch Doctor Erzulie In’ama pulled a raptor hide around her body, wrapping it tightly around her naked form and made her way through the hut, checking each of the rooms.  Her nephew, Sou’bo, had noticed the change in the tides.  Low tides.  Fast waves.  She was sure it was sign from Agwe and had sent out a letter to the scattered In’ama’s throughout Kalimdor begging them to come home.  Just one night.  Come home.

She smiled softly at the sleeping forms of Kelruk and Ayida Kel’zhan, her daughters’ mate held her protectively.  The young Priestess of Hir’eek was talking in her sleep, her words slurred from the amount of rum she had drank with Kelruk’s uncle earlier in the evening.

Her feet padded down the stairs to the third tier of the hut, she leaned against the door as she counted the forms; Van’jar, Dam’balla, Lou’safa, Gigi’ani, Ti’je, even Adjassou and her mates. Sou… Erzulie blinked and counted again.  Sou’bo was gone. She turned on her heel and raced down the stairs.  She knew that Zar’huda was on the second tier but on the first…

Razsha snored, her paws up in the air as she slept by the fire.

No Sou’bo.

She ran outside, nearly dropping the raptor hide.  “Sou’bo?!” She yelled.


There were no birds. The raptors, tigers and dancers around the Isles were silent.


Her eyes scanned around the horizon before she spun on her heel and ran back into the hut, up to the second tier.  As she sorted through her armor, pulling on bits of it and lacing them up she nudged Zar’huda.  “I need you to watch the hut.” She whispered hurriedly and pulls her tunic on, “Sou’bo’s gone. I need to find him. Something is wrong.  There is silence.”

“You’re talking, love. That’s not silence.”  He replied, his voice thick with sleep.  He sat up all the same and reached behind the bed of tiger pelts for his own armour.

“I’ll be ba—“

Erzulie was interrupted by the presence of a Stormcrow perched on the edge of Zar’huda’s bulwark, a note attached to its leg.  She cooed to the bird as she unwrapped the note, her eyes scanning over the Orcish script.  “Ratchet…” She mumbled.  “…he’s at the inn in Ratchet.”

Zar’huda rumbled low. “Why don’t you just let me kill him?”

She hissed at him and he laughed.

“I’m going to find Zultepe, we’re going to go get the idiot.”

The ground buckled and shuddered.  It was something far worse than the Earthquakes that had hit before.  The entire hut seemed to shift.  Crashing of bottles, fetishes, baskets could be heard throughout the Hut.

The Stormcrow flew off.

Erzulie and Zar’huda both fell to the ground, shaken off their feet.



Voices chimed in from around the hut, fear on the edges of them.  Everyone was safe.  For now.

Erzulie could hear the rapid and sure footsteps of Zultepe as he raced into the hut and up the stairs to the second tier.  “Are you..?” His eyes shifted to Zar’huda who brought himself to sit on the edge of the mats.  The two regarded each other carefully, coldly.

Then they heard the cacophony of destruction.

Erzulie pushed herself to her feet, “AYIDA, KELRUK! Find the Spirit! Check the totems!” There was a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.  It wasn’t her pregnancy, this was it…

“ADJASSOU! Get to Sen’jin!”

She ran down the stairs, her shield and dagger in hand.  Zultepe raced after her and put a hand on her arm to try and stop her.  “The tuskl—“

“Will have a chance to live. Check the southern Isles.”

“Where are you and –he- going?”

“Ratchet.” She answered, wrestling her arm free and nodding to Zar’huda.


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