A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Mmmgrrrlll! (The In’ama’s – WoW)

“Psst.” Ayida threw another pebble into her cousins room, hoping not to wake her brother or father who also shared the sleeping space with him.  The youngest of the In’ama’s woke  grunt and ran his fingers over his unruly Mohawk and pulled the tiger hide over his head despite the humidity of the Isles. 

Another pebble was thrown, “Sou’bo!” Kelruk Kel’zhan whispered demandingly.

Sou’bo grunted and threw the tiger pelt against the wall and crawled on his hands and knees to the edge of the stairs where Ayida and Kelruk sat crouched snickering quietly to each other.  “Wat.” He whined sleepily.

His cousin grinned with glee.  “Check these out.” She whispered cheerfully as she held up what looked to be a well stitched Murloc suit.

Sou’bo blinked.  “…Dude. Where did you get that?”

“Compliments of the kind folks at D.E.H.T.A.” Kelruk whispered and slid a folded suit onto the floor towards Sou’bo.  The teenager looked down at the suit and then back up at Kelruk and Ayida, he was trying his best not burst out laughing as the pieces came together in his head.

Ayida shooed Kelruk away as she and Sou’bo began to slip into the Murloc suits.  “You’re totally getting into being mated to one of his servants aren’t you?” The younger asked to the giggling mess that was his cousin.

“Call this…” She paused to think of the proper phrasing as she pulled up the zipper of Sou’bo’s suit.  “Proof that I’m deserving of such a mate.”

“Mggrmlll.” Sou’bo snickered and secured Ayida’s suit.

“Ready?” She asked, waving the small white flag attached to the hand of the suit.  Sou’bo gave a quick nod and the two raced down the stairs to the second floor of the In’ama hut.

“MMmGGRLlllRRRGMmRRrLL!!”  The two shouted in unison as they raced around the bed of the Witch Doctor.

Erzulie In’ama slept peacefully curled on a pile of raptor hides.  She had been ill and physically exhausted.  Between the work with the Earthen Ring, the stresses of her pregnancy and the spirit walks of the day, a nights rest was welcomed.  She found easy escape within her dreams, sitting on the edge of Darkspear Isle with her father, fishing for the nights meal.  They spoke quietly of simple things; how her mother was preparing to go to Zuldazar with other priests from the Isle to speak with the different tribes.  How Simbi In’ama was expecting another child, her mate Ti’je was sure this one would be a boy.  Her father was sure that Ti’je was a fool and that Simbi would give him only daughters.  He fell silent remembering the children that her mother had lost.


They rose from the water in massive numbers, spearheads glittering in the sunlight.

Erzulie screamed as she fell to the shore and into her consciousness. Her eyes growing wide as the caught sight of the two large Murlocs running around her bed, she screamed, “ZAR’ZUDA THEY’VE RETURNED!”  The Witch Doctor clutched at her hair and curled into a fetal position.

The Murlocs froze as they heard the clambering of the almost dire-troll as he ran up the stairs.  Both of their heads snapping to look at the entrance just in time to see Zar’huda brought to a stunned halt.  “They always come back.” He mumbled, grabbing at the door.

Sou’bo looked over to Ayida, “GrrmmmMmlllgrl?”

Ayida nodded and waved her white flag twice.   “Llmmmgrll.”

“MMmGGRLlllRRRGMmRRrLL!!”   They shouted and ran towards Zar’huda, arms waving akimbo.  The almost dire-troll roared in fear and ran blindly at them.  They dodged easily and raced down the stairs cackling with laughter.  Neither stopping till they reached the edge of the Isle, pulling their masks off as they tried to catch their breaths.

“Sou’bo? Ayida?” The voice of Zultepe Mo’ana asked as he ducked under the vines of a tree.  The pair in question looked to the white haired troll with wide eyes.

“Yo… Zultepe…”  Sou’bo droned.

“…We can explain…” Ayida groaned.


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