A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Bananas. (Erzulie In’ama – WoW.)

She craved bananas. 

Saltfish made her vomit.


Zar’huda and Damballa were being overly protective of her.  For that reason she had to tie Zar’huda up to quell his jealous rage.  She had been taken.  He knew before even she did that she was with tusklings.

She could feel them now.

Two sources of energy.  Two sources of life.  Entertwined.

The energy of the Tiger lived inside her once again.  She could feel it drawing off of her.

She placed the last of the offerings to the Loas on her alter, the move from the Hatchet Hills back to the Echo Isles now complete.  Erzulie was thankful for this, she had bestowed her loyalties upon the Loas in gratitude for the move.

With the move, the charge of lightening had returned to her.  Shavai had helped her to find it when he listened to her tales one night.  The Troll she had come to honour and respect as a comrade and confident in the absence of Abi’jah noticed that she was no longer drawing strength from her path with Legba.  Knowledge, yes.  Peace, yes.  But strength had left here and the storm of change churned around her without an eye.  She had been the eye.

The Jin lead her back to Shango.

She still didn’t dare to say his name.


The beaded curtains of the hut clattered together as she pushed them aside to leave the small dwelling.  She would seek bananas and Zultepe. There was much to discuss.

And there was work to be done.

Despite her new pregnancy, the Earthen Ring was in need.

Bananas first, then she would travel to close more rifts.

In the back of her mind she heard the words of Jin’Marou reminding her of the tales of the Old Gods and their warring elements.


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