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Consequences (Rinny and Korzif Spineflay, Zar’jun and Calleo – WoW)

(This was a  forum RP that took place upon the first death of Rinny. It is reposted with permission from the players of the other characters.)

Her head throbbed.  No, it did more than throb.  It felt like her very skull was splitting open and her damned ears would not stop twitching.  Between the alcohol, the netherbloom and the felweed, Irinyes Spineflay was pretty sure she was well beyond any form of sanity. With great difficulty she began to shed her armor as she stumbled up the stairs of the Clan Watch home she shared with her husband, an Orc she could hear snoring in the loft above.  With a heavy sigh she fell into the bed next time him.  Her tiny dust-addled form curling against the bright green and large body of Korzif.

She slept restlessly, the pain in her head waking her up every few hours.  When she did open her eyes, she saw the form of her father, “Ann’da?” She asked groggily, her eyes fluttering closed as she took her last breath.

Doctor Spellsong’s idea had been wrong, the dust had taken its toll much sooner than anyone thought.  The poetic justice of it all was not lost on her as she passed to find Thyke.

He awoke, his golden yellow eyes opening to the sound of the rushing wind coming in through the small opening of their hut. The wind always greeted them in the morning Nagrand was known for it’s calm breezes.

With a warm grin he looked into the face of his still sleeping wife, the Sin’dorei whom he joined with and was to spend the rest of his life with. He grinned, admiring how peaceful she looked whilst resting he chuckled thinking this in contrast to how chaotic both their daily lives were and cherished moments where they could share in this relative peace together, mornings and evenings he’d always looked forward to, the orc soon realized however that this particular morning would be met with much anguish, for only one of them would truly rise to greet the day.

He’d realized something was wrong as soon as he’d layed a hand on the elf to shake her awake, “Rinny.” He would whisper, no answer, her body was cool and not warm as it usually was, he placed his ear to her chest, no sound, no breathing, the breath of life had ceased, anguish and lamentation at the horrible truth set in, he cradled the lifeless elf’s body, his love’s body in his arms and held her, held and dreaded letting go of the only person he’d ever in his life feared to lose and it was happening, so fast, so fast their union had seemed as a dream. Then the emptyness, as he ran his fingers through her hair lovingly he would have a vacant stare but to look into his eyes one would see a person that had everything in the world then had it stolen in an instant.

He’d lay a kiss on his love’s forehead, this could very well be the last time he would see her. But remembering the gift given to him by his love and knowing that it could be her only chance he grasped at the purple coloured shard round his neck with and with heavy heart the old grizzled orc would gather his armor, and weapons and seek out the only one whom might be able to bring her back to him, a cetain Sin’dorei warlock. He’d need to hurry, time was short and as a shadow would dissapear against a wall as a candle in a dimly lit room is blown out, as did he out the door, leaving his love to rest in peace, for the time being.

Calleo glanced up from whatever form of paper he’d been reading. He could have sworn he heard someone around the door or, at the very least, had felt a ward or two shift.

Lyria was still asleep in an adjoining room, his Imp simply looked at him, shrugged and went back to picking loose threads off of the warlock’s robe hem.

Narrowing his eyes at the far side of the room, Calleo shook his head and resumed reading.

The knocking persisted.

“Go and get that, would you?”

Rupuri flattened his ears and, muttering curses under his breath the entire way, hopped off to open the front door.

Flinging it open as hard as an Imp could possibly manage, the demon growled at the feet of whoever was standing there, “WHADDYAWANT? It’s hardlypastsunrise!!”

The orc, clad in red and black leather armor simply stepped past the imp, in no mood for any sort of lecture. He nodded curtly to Calleo before showing his necklace with soul shard attached. All that was said “I’m here cuz my wife passed in her sleep, I need help an’ before she went I was told you was tha one t’do it.S’why I have this shard an’ why I’m here”. Korzif had a vacant look about him, not quite any readable emotion but anyone that would care to look would know that something of great importance had transpired “If y’can, please..” His voice was low-tone, near a whisper, that expression about his face not changing for an instant.y

“An if yer lookin’ fer compensation afterward no price is too steep fer her, foolish as dat might sound t’you, bein a married orc has dat effect. So if anything can be done at least tell me how t’proceed.”

It wasn’t a demand, more like a plea than anything else. Desparation was evident. Love makes you stupid they say, and Korzif knew that trying to plead and bargain witha  warlock was usually a bad idea, but the knowlege his wife might live again was well worth the possible risks involved.

Calleo blinked, looking a bit confused, and tilted his head, “Sorry? I think I misheard you. I thought you just said that Rinny died.”

He almost laughed, but cut himself off quickly after catching sight of Korzif. That was one terrible, desperate looking Orc standing in front of him, and that alone told Calleo that he hadn’t misheard.

“I–it’s possible, at least in theory. I’d–she’d–we’d?” Calleo scratched one of his ears, pausing to get his thoughts back on track, “We’d need to find a suitable donor. Alive. Dead is pretty damned useless, it’s–I’d have to look into the details a bit more, I think, but…”

He stopped again, considering how to word things, “If it fails, it destroys the shard in the process.”

Calleo tucked his glasses away, “She’d mentioned to me that she wanted to be ‘brought back as a ginger’ so, I think, whatever is found, it should probaby be a redhead.”

Korzif folded his arms and listened for what Calleo had to say, heaved a sigh. “Gotcha.” Was all he said before heading out the door “I’ve no qualms bout doin’ what needs t’be done t’bring her back, just so y’know.” He readied most of the weapons on his person “Lemme know if any new developments happen, in d’meantime, Rinny needs a new body. I’ll keep listenin’ over d’talisman.”

With those words, Korzif turned to leave, and if Calleo would have blinked, Korzif would have probably vanished in that instant, with the words over their talismans.

“Just keep d’lines a’ communication open, I’mma see bout gettin’ a decent body for her.”

The orc although large had not problem slipping off into the morning twilight, it was still dark and his blades hungered.

Calleo had started to reply but, before he got two words out, Korzif had disappeared.

“How in the hell does something that big move that fast?”

The warlock grabbed his talisman from an end table, “Korzif! I’m not sure you’re in much of a state to go…er…living body hunting on your own, at least take someone else with you.”

He set his talisman back down, almost immediately picking it back up again, “And keep that LIVING part in mind! It needs to be undamaged.”

Korzif nodded, he spoke into his talisman quickly, “Zar’jun, if yer listenin’ meet me in da Row in Silvermoon. Gotta tawk t’ya.”

Korzif ran towards Tranquillien, and hopped a wyvern headed for Silvermoon. Hopefully Zar’jun would be on her way soon. He breathed a sigh, he needed to hurry.

The troll turned the page of the tome slowly, her hand was empowered with arcane energy as a piece of bread came to the plane of existence, as soon as it was formed it met it’s end in her mouth. Zar’jun was indeed growing fond of this arcane power. Suddenly the talisman buzzed her ears, she shook her head. “Korzif, wa’ na?” her mouth was completely stuffed, however the orc’s words seemed rushed and hasty enough, the troll finished her freshly conjured bread and began to channel a teleporting spell. However, she stopped as soon as the gateway was open. It was Korzif who had called for her… those nifty robes of her would probably be an obstacle, and so, she picked up her armour and settled her way.

As the portal shifted her trough the dimension, her brain couldn’t help but to give her that uneasy feeling again, something was horribly wrong, it had been wrong since the night before at Zul’Aman. She just couldn’t place it in her head.

The red-maned troll rushed trough the corners and the streets, climbed and jumped along the rooftops until she arrived to her destiny, the Murder Row. She came to sight, goggles strapped to her forehead and ears flat against her skull. “Korzif.” she called out, as probably the old orc was unseen in the darkness of the street just as she was. In the mean time, she pulled out what could be a piece of dried meat, which was being slowly devoured, the troll’s foot tapped on the ground, waiting.

Korzif caught sight of the red haired trolless stalking round in the shadows of the Row, he heard his name being called and strolled up to her.

He nodded curtly. “Awright, sorry t’bother but somethin’ urgent’s come up. I woke up early this mornin’ an’ noticed dat Rinny had, well..”

Korzif paused for a moment his voice steady and rather proper in a business fashion “She had passed quietly in her sleep. Now I dunno tha circumstances surroundin’ WHY she passed so suddenly but. You an’ me are gonna work on findin’ a new body fer her, why am I tellin’ y’this?” He raised the soul shard around his neck to show Zar’jun “This is why, it contains part a Rinny’s soul Calleo’s got tha other half of her soul, we’re gunna use em t’bind a soul t’another body, but in order t’do dat we gotta find someone who’s alive, preferably another elf.”

The old orc hid the shard back under his armor and began speaking again, “Apparently Rinny also made a list an’ Calleo riddled off t’me exactly what type a body Rinny was lookin’ fer; She wanted it t’be red haired, able t’sing, able t’take alcohol, an’ able t’handle..welp, an orc in bed t’be perfectly blunt. I know you an’ I know where we could find people like dat easily. Dat bein said.

Do you understand what I explained an’ will y’help me?”

Korzif folded his hands behind his back, patiently waiting for his answer, his gaze never leaving her.

Zar’jun about chocked on her meat, coughing loudly. “Rinny dead wat da shit jo’ sayin’?” the round pupils about slinked into the feral feline slits for an instant. The troll took a deep breath to shallow what she was just told, she shook her head. “…Alrite.” she nodded. “She wantin’ red hair, prette’ voice dat can handle drink, n’ orc cock… preferableh Sin’dorei…” She rubbed her chin. “I’s help jo. I’s thinkin’ I’s kno’ da perfect place ta look. We needa go t’ Booteh Bay now.” Zar’jun grinned to this before climbing up the large curtains on the street to the roof with her feline grace.

The she-troll ran, faint signs of feral power within as she quickly moved along the rooftops, hopefully Korzif was behind her, and the Zeppelin on the other side of that funky orb in the Spire of the Sun for Stranglethorn was docked in Tirisfal Glades, she traveled the dimension again into Tirisfal, she looked over her shoulder at the orb, waiting little to no time, she rushed to the Zeppelin tower.

Seitalla Elish cracked her neck with a couple quick motions of her head and jumped down into the ring of the Guurubashi Arena.  Her fiery red hair was tied neatly in a tight braid that fell down past her shoulders.  She grinned much like a cat as she took in the form of her opponent.  An Orc woman whom this Sin’dorei could look straight in the eyes.

“Bring it.” She growled, her voice coarse, sweet feral melody.

The Orcess charged for Seitalla and with three quick punches to the neck, chest and abodmen, the Orcess fell.  Those gathered in the arena cheered.  A small goblin some had come to know as Fezik ran into the arena floor and to stand beside the towering Sin’dorei woman, “Ladies and Roughnecks! Seitalla Elish remains the Woman Lightweight Champion!”

With a sweeping motion of a noble’s grace Seitalla bowed before thrusting her bare fists into the air; a motion that truly showed the Stranglethorn tan and muscled curves of the boxer.

Korzif moved closely behind Zar’jun, his movements in perfect synch with hers as they crossed the rooftops toward the Sunfury Spire. Scaling buildings and closing gaps with ease, both would make their way through the Translocation orb and towards the Zepplin towers near Brill. Whatever Zar’jun had in mind he would roll with it. Surely what they were searching for was in Booty Bay or somewhere in Azeroth’s expansive underground. The world was a wide place the old orc knew this. He’d respect his wife’s wishes and bring her back in the body of her choosing.

“Don’t worry babe, soon.” He thought. Things would work out if he could help it.

As soon as the Zeppelin had docked on the tower, the cat-troll jumped down to what seemed to be her trusted Venomhide, not to pleased by the looks of it. “Dere be pit-fightin’ event in da Gurubashi arena todeh.” the troll grinned to the orc, a faint glint in her eye. “Dis wat we gonna do…” she leans closer. “I’s gonna enter deir lil’ competetian n’ hope dere be a bitch dat fittin’ dem descriptions among dem.” Zar’jun begins to explain. “I’s gunna disable her shit n’ take off wit her, drop a big smoke bomb in dere, we’s gotta peace out -quick-. Undahstand?” she tilted her head and waited for a nod… not too long however. “Less get dis shit on da roll den.”

The hiss of the venomhide finished the troll’s sentence as she took off headed to the arena. Once there, they would travel along as simple spectators, the woman in the middle of the ring however, caught Zar’jun’s eye immediatelly. She had to even zoom in with her mechanized goggles to get a better view of her. Tan, tall, curvy, and most important of all redhead. A wide grin curled around her tusks. “Dat one probably’s gonna do. Imma enter.” She handed the old orc a small device. “Dis shit gonna rape ma ears wen jo’s use it, be da signal dat jo’s startin’ da riot.” With further words the, the cat troll made her way along the crowd.

“JO BITCH! I’S GONNA SHO JO CHAMPIAN. I’S CHALLENGE JO ASS!.” Zar’jun scream atop of her lungs from the edge of the arena.

Seitalla’s eyes went wide as she looked over the Troll woman who was screaming like some kind of urchin from the Kezan ghettos.

“You and that attitude really think you can beat me?” She cooed back to the Troll in response.  “If you so desire.”

She motioned for Fezik to take off and clear the arena with long tapered fingers and looked back up at the Troll with a grin.

“Come and get it.”

Korzif watched from the stands intent on viewing the spectacle that was about to unfold. Unfortunately trouble was a brewing in the crowds as he watched, officiants caught his eye, guards whom were trained to deal with those whom might interfere with the pit fights. They were two trolls, both heavilly armed in plate. Korzif grinned, they would be easy pickings. He watched them move down the stands before moving himself to follow.

The two officiants stood in the front eyeing Zar’jun in the pit, she was the offender and they looked intent on subduing the woman. Korzif strode down the stairs, suprisingly subtle in movement himself despite his large frame, better demonstrated when he readied two rather small tattoing needles that he had bought himself, he would place them between his index and middle fingers. When close enough Korzif would slap both his hands down on both troll’s shoulder’s in a very friendly manner speaking in a chipper tone “Evenin’ fellas!” The two looked dumbfounded yet greeted him curtly none the less “Take it yer two a’ tha higher ups hm? I’m new here m’self, juuuust got hired on t’watch tha fightin’ just like you two ‘er doin. Seems like a well payin job.”

The two large trolls snorted and nodded in unison as a response, one spoke up “Does peh well, entertainin’ if ju be wantin’ t’let off some steam as well.”

Korzif’s eyes widened in mock suprise “Oh? Well do tell good sir.” The larger troll of the two grinned with a certain fondness “We execute dissenters ‘ere an’ believe us, dere be na shortage a’ people dat just wantin’ t’be causin’ so maneh problems foah d’fightah’s in dis ring. Tis onleh fair we mediate d’situation wit our own brand a’ discipline.”

Korzif nodded “Ahhhhh gotcha, little fear f’tha masses hm? I’m no stranger to it really, glad I met guys like you that ain’t afraid t’put they foot down, think I’ll have ya show me tha ropes. Think y’could?”

The two trolls nodded, the larger of the two moved forward in Zar’jun’s direction, the smaller followed, Korzif gave a yank to pull both tattoing needles out of their skin, they both growled, it was obviously noticed. “You two should know though. I cornered d’market on fear mongerin’ loooong before either a you kids learned tha meanin’ a that phrase.” The moment the old orc removed the needles both trolls began to bleed from every open orfice on their body including pores, they would cough blood and convulse violently before falling to the ground motionless, eyes rolled back and bleeding.

The spectators that had seen this began to panic and surge back to the exit, paranoia among the crowd spread like disease as the arena quickly emptied. Korzif jumped down into the arena and grinned at the elven woman facing Zar’jun “Well Z-love? How’s dat fer a distraction?” He folded his arms and made a rather coy grin, he winked at the elven woman whom still, to him looked ready to fight considering the mass hysteria. “Ready t’dance darlin?” He proclaimed to the Sin’dorei  in a rather sickningly sweet tone.

Zar’jun had succeeded.

Phase One. Begin.

The troll towered on closer to the woman. Indeed, an urchin, a street rat. All of those mixed with a well trained assassin with the mind of a jungle predator. As she stalked closer she began to remove her heavier garments, revealing her toned striped arms. A very disgrunted armoured squirrel chirped in protest, picking up her stuff before taking off the ring. “Less dance den, pixie.” the tiger-troll taunted, her tongue licked about the length of her left tusk.

She remained there, giving a nod in Korzif’s general direction, without waiting any longer, she lunged herself forward, as if aiming a full frontal attack. However a sudden stop and shift to move to the side, circling around the elven woman, the troll then would connect the first  disabling hit at elf’s knee, not quite the knee as the two thick fingers dig right above it, the nerve would go limp instantly on contact, disabling movement completely along the entire leg. Any punch sent her way would be deflected or the troll would leap away, the cat-troll purrs softly only for the woman to hear. “Jo’s mine na, lil’ mouse.” She grinned.

The commotion, just made the troll woman grin even wider. “Dat be some good shit.” she chuckled softly as the hordes of spectators ran out, shrieking in fear.

Another series of impacts followed the first one, the rain of faint hits had paralyzed the woman completely to Zar’jun’s will. “M’gurl gunna enjoy dis body lots.” She grinned. “Dat be some good shit dere, mon. Gonna hafta tell me wat jo doin.” she runs her three fingered hand along the sin’dorei’s face. “Ain’ she jus a lil’ angel na?” Zar’jun’s head tilted to the side with a low purr. “Nite, nite na’.” She whispered, laying a kiss on the woman’s forehead before pinching the sciatic nerve. “Less get t’fuck outta here na, ja?”

Korzif nodded at Zar’jun as he moved to pick up the unconcious elf. He motioned for Zar’jun to come along tossing the device she’d given to him earlier back to her. “Sorry I didn’t get a whole lotta use outta it. I know y’was probably lookin’ fer a fight sorry t’ruin yer fun, unless y’like playin’ with yer food so t’speak.” He grinned at her and began to move quickly in a sprint. He’d look behind to see if Zar’jun was behind him.

Hopefully now that they had what they needed Rinny could be saved. Korzif hoped, he prayed.


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