A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Bones (Tio’cou De’jan – WoW)

(I’m not overly happy with how this turned out, but it got the idea down.)

The Troll snarled and blew quickly on his fingers to relieve them; the bones were still hot from being boiled clean.  No tissue remained, that much he was sure of.  The pristine white sheen only seemed to highlight the faint teeth marks.  Tio’cou took great care in wrapping the bones in the tattoo he had skinned from the back of Irinyes Spineflay.  The Stormcrow that had been torn asunder.  He didn’t realize how true that had been to her life.  It’s doubtful he would’ve cared.

With the package tucked into his pack, he departed out through the back of the small building to avoid the two Trolls who had escorted the Elf to his home.  They still waited outside, impatiently looking around as if they were expecting trouble from the district thugs.  He knew the Zandalari who had come with them was all too familiar with the ways of the Zuldazar ghettos.

Tio’cou’s memory was long and he remembered Eunn Kay’irii.  They had fought alongside and against each other.  A ghetto rat and the rich boy who liked to get his hands dirty.

The memories of their odd friendship made him snort in reminiscent humour.

Tio’cou De’jan had only been a drug runner in those days; carrying dust, herbs and other alchemical substances into the higher tiers of the city.  He had yet to begin his ascent through the ranks of the street gangs that roamed the ghettos; making laws that often went ignored in the actual castes.  The ghetto had its own hierarchy; its own way of life.

He moved inconspicuously through the streets and up the many flights of stairs, winding in between street vendors and ducking into alleyways, quickly making his way to the royal temple at the top of the city.  Trolls of his ilk weren’t welcome in these areas of Zuldazar but the temples in the ghetto were no place to take what remained of a woman who had given him a new beginning.  A woman who would also serve as the offering to ensure the success of his new venture.

There was care given to where he placed the skin wrapped bundle of bones against the altar, whispering a prayer to Samedi.  Tio’cou De’jan bowed before slipping into the shadows .

Eunn Kay’irii and Zar’jun would not wait long for him.


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