A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Beautiful Evolution (Rinny Spineflay – WoW)

The smooth wood of the hand-carved tattooing needle threaded easily between the tapered fingers that moved to twirl it.  Fel-tinged eyes stared out over the shimmering turquoise waters off the coast of Durotar.  Her body shifted easily with the quaking earth that threatened to throw her off of the body she was perched upon.  The spine of the Orc who had given her his life lying across her lap.  His blood served as a silken red rug under them both that was slowly seeping into the hardpan earth.  

She didn’t know who he was in his life.  She didn’t much care.  She had spent the night stalking around Silvermoon, Orgrimmar… even Dalaran.  Inadvertently she was seeking two different Orcs, for something…

In the past two days she had allowed a Tribesmate to see her unguarded.  She had let him in.  His name was not Sin’dorei.  Nor Orcish.  It was Raventusk.  His reputation within the Tribe should’ve served as a warning and yet, she felt empathy.  Understanding.  There were some things to a person that would never change despite the expectations of who she should be.  She could not be Calleo.  She could not be the beacon of fine Sin’dorei traditions like the Doyen Sunscorn would expect.

The days of addiction were behind her, replaced with something else.

She slipped the tattooing stick back into her boot. Her fingertips traced over the spine in her lap, hooking and pulling over each of the vertebrae.  The blood covering her hands was beginning to dry.

Stay away.

She knew that she should.  Every time she came around him, it was an exercise in futility.  Neither of them could keep up the discipline it took to stay away.  Weeks would pass and they would wind up in the same place at the same time once again.  They would find an excuse to walk off together.  They hadn’t broken the rules of her marriage; they wouldn’t do that to each other, but the desire.  The pain in their hearts remained.


The Raventusk and the other Cursebreaker had both ushered her off to speak with her husband.  About what?

Rather, she had made her way through the cities, stalking.  The little Tribal Initiate who believed her to be a demon.  A Troll, who when living she had once called a lover. A Shu’halo Ranger who had offered her a word of kindness.  And an Orc who stopped her in the middle of the road.  Told her that her hair was the colour of fire and he thrived on playing in the flames.

It was the Orcs’ life she took.

She threw the spine out into the sea and rose to her feet.  The Orc was large and took some effort for her to manoeuvre off the edge of the cliff.  She remained at the Cliffside long after the sick, dull thud of the corpse hitting the rocks below was heard.

She wasn’t broken. She wasn’t losing her mind. She had evolved.

And like the butterfly that was born every time the turned the key on the music box he had given her, there was something beautiful inside of her now.

Rinny Spineflay just didn’t know how to see it.


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