A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Preparations (Rinny Spineflay – WoW)

She set her pencil down in the spine of the worn brown tome she kept all of the records of Cursebreaker’s in and looked over to the ever-watchful guardian that sat not so far away in the bowels of the caverns that ran underneath Splintertree Post.  His glowing blue eyes met hers for a moment, there were heavy statements that lingered in their gaze.  Together they watched the beginning stages of political upheaval begin in Orgrimmar.  Together they ran into the Cultists that had begun to appear. 

The ground shook again.  And they both grabbed one of the walls of the cave.  Dust trickled down over their heads.  “Are you positive this is the best idea, Sir?”

“The coast will have risk of Tsunami’s.” Kalnagg Ragescar stated simply for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.

Rinny nodded, she trusted the Orc Death Knight with her life.  His reasoning tended to be sound, she looked away from him to hide the expression of concern as she looked towards the entrance of the caverns.  She worried about her husband in the turmoil.

With a heavy sigh she picked up her pencil again and continued on with her notes for the next days meeting.


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