A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Quiet (Rinny Spineflay – WoW)


She fell back against the pillows and curled up into the warm, empty place Korzif had left in the bed. She heard the shower turn on.  They had a shower.  Korzif had built it at the house in Ratchet once the peons had installed the large pipes that connected the water heater the old Orc was experimenting with to the flow of the sea. 

A shock of short ginger hair falls over her face and she brushes it away with a sleepy grunt.  Midday.

The humidity was becoming intolerable and here she was, scooting into the warm spot.


She climbed out of the large bed and grabbed her worn brown tome to make the notes of the day.  She grumbled again as she opened it and looked over the list of things to do.  There was so much that needed to be prepared for, planned, work to be done.

Rinny Spineflay tapped the talisman hanging from her ear.

“I heard there was this Sin’dorei woman who seriously lost her shit.  And in the time it took her to get it back, she was beginning to feel like she was grabbing at frayed edges.  So, she tries to take on friends. She finds that most other Sin’dorei women she comes across are vapid. Vapid enough to have less of a brain than a Troll called Pip.  So, this woman, she tries to kill one of them for being a dumb bitch and running her name through mud by offering services at her shop.  She plays chaos control.  Comes clean with all her secrets to those who pull her strings.”

The Sin’dorei woman unlocks the doors to the shop and opens them wide to allow the flow of fresh Durotar breeze through the stone building.  “Have you heard this story before, Calleo? Cause, I’m sort of wondering how it ends.  Or if it does.  I see a couple of routes.”

She tosses the tome onto the table and steps outside to light a Felweed joint.  “The first route… being the most obvious, one that she’s all too familiar with and keeps failing at. Closing off.  The second, closing down.  The third…”

Her voice trails off. “Huh. Let me get back to you…”

Her fel-tinged eyes narrow over the figure of Fezik Crunkshaft as the little Goblin makes his way up the  street.


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