A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

Hiding in the Arcane (Rinny Cursebreaker and Lyria Starsong – WoW)

The sky above Orgimmar was turning into a violet shade of pink with the rising sun when Irinyes Cursebreaker slipped back into her shop in the Valley of Strength.  She was greeted by the sounds of soft snoring and despite her task; she couldn’t help but to smile.  With the silence of a thief she packed up her daughters belongings. 

“Starsong?” The soft whisper of a Tauren woman came, her figure materializing in the doorway.  Rinny looked towards the voice, bowing her head in greeting.

“Nuukani, are you ready?” She whispered.  The Tauren nodded and stepped inside to gather the child’s belongings.

Rinny kneeled at the edge of the cot and slowly pulled the wolf pelt blanket from her daughter’s sleeping form.  “Lyria? My love.  It’s time to wake up.” She whispered against the girls’ ear.

Lyria’s eyes fluttered open, “Minn’da… let me sleep?”

“No, my love.  It’s time to go.”

The girl sat up slowly and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, “Where?”

“Dalaran, your Uncle Felweed is going to train you now.” There was sadness in Rinny’s voice as she said this.  Nuukani slipped out from the shop, making her way to prep the small apartment that had been rented in Dalaran.

“I don’t have to go to Silvermoon?” Lyria asked and hoped down from the cot as Rinny came to sit on the edge of it, holding out the change of clothing to the girl.

“No.  Unless you want to.”

Lyria shook her head and changed fairly quickly.

“You’re going to be living with Nuukani for a little while, alright?  I’ll come see you when I can, but you have to remember… no one but you, Nuukani, Calleo and I are going to know where you are.  This is like hide and seek, understand?”

Again the girl nodded.  Despite the smile on Rinny’s face, Lyria knew her mother to be scared.


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