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Bedtime Stories (Rinny Cursebreaker and Lyria Starsong – WoW)

“Minn’da? Will you tell me a story tonight?”  Lyria Starsong asked, pulling the wolf pelt blanket up under her chin.  Cursebreaker’s Marks of Deed was quiet for the night, something all three of the people who lived there seemed thankful for.  A fact that was accentuated by obnoxious snoring from the loft above.   Irinyes Cursebreaker smile, looking away from her task of separating out the empty vials from her ink box to her daughter who was laying across the small cut underneath the stairs. 

“I suppose I can.  What will you give me for it?”  She asked, closing the ornately carved lid of the box.

“Mm.  Hugs.”

“Just hugs? Comon, Twerp, that’s cheap.”

“Fine. A kiss too.”

Rinny chuckled and laid down on the cot beside the child and draped her arms around the girl, pulling her close.  “What story do you wish to hear?  Where the Elekks Are? Goodnight, An’She?”

“No. “Lyria shook her head and situated her stuffed rabbit toy between she and Rinny as she turned towards her mother.  “No, you promised to tell me of how you became Cursebreaker.”

“That’s not a st-“

“A story for a little girl.  I know.  You promised.”

“Promised when you were older.”

“I’m a couple of weeks older.”

Rinny couldn’t help but to laugh at the precocious nature of this child she had adopted, “As you wish, Beat of my Heart.”  Lyria turned over again and Rinny took advantage of the situation, resting her chin a top the child’s mass of flaxen hair.   “Long ago, there was a Sin’dorei woman who wore a skin of paints.  Many took notice of these pictures and would ask her for the stories.  The woman grew weary of telling all of the same stories; she wished they would ask for a song instead. “

“Could she sing?”

“Ask Garam.” Rinny chuckled. “So, back to the story you nagged for.  This woman began to cover herself despite the heat of Durotar in order to keep the curiosity at hand.  She stopped coming into the cities as well, finding the woods of Azshara to be far more peaceful and questionless.  The trees didn’t care.  That was until she realized there was a Twerp she had to pick up from the Elder Brokenhorn, an adoption had gone through.  The Sin’dorei woman didn’t worry about covering herself to hide her tattoos as she sped through Orgimmar to reach the Zeppelin to Mulgore.  ‘Stop! You! Elf!’ The woman heard a terribly gruff voice shouting behind her.”

She brushed a bit of the girl’s blonde hair back behind her ears, “The Elf stopped, not sure what to make of this and panicking that she had perhaps done something wrong.  The Orc circled her like a vulture.  He didn’t even care to hide that he was staring so closely at her skin; this made the Elf very uncomfortable.  ‘This ink, who did it?’ He finally asked her.”

“She did it!” Lyria stated, proudly.

“No, she told him the truth, she told him that many people had done it and she had only done some of it.  And do you know what that silly, gruff Orc did?”

“Cursed her and offered her a job?”

“Cursed at her and offered her a job, yes.  And she was very happy working for him.  For a long time the two worked together, she with her pictures and he with his brands.  People ventured in, told their stories and left with their marks.  After awhile though, the Elf began to notice that she was all alone.  The Orc, had left the shop to begin his training with his new clan and without the Orc, the Elf felt rather unstable in Orgimmar.  She felt that without proving herself worthy of the shop, she was in fact doing a disservice.”

“So, this Elf, took those titanium balls of hers and asked the Orc for the shop.” A coarse Orcish voice stated from the loft above them.  Rinny chuckled, mumbling something akin to shut up as her daughter laughed with delight.

“I don’t have titanium balls, Peacebloom.”

“I’m talking about the Elf in your story, don’t be so self-absorbed.”

“Shut up, this isn’t the story!” Lyria called out to them.  They both laughed.

“The Orc had planned on the Elf asking for this and he was prepared.  After seeking the blessing of a Shu’halo Far seer, the two began their journey to Ashenvale; for strength and honour.  The Elf was scared, never before had she used her bow to seek anything larger out than a bear or a lion.  Never before had she truly feared that she would die despite the Orcs reassurances.  This is to say, not many. “Rinny smiled as the girl scooted closer to her, despite closing her eyes.  “No sooner had they made their way to Felfire Hill than the demons of the leftover Legion forces surrounded them.  For hours they fought, back to back and side by side.  The Orc was strong and experienced from a lifetime of training.  The Elf however, found a way to channel her fear through her arrows, finding serenity in battle that she never could’ve imagined.”  Lyria snored as Rinny took a pause in the story and tried to shift her arm out from under the girl to prop herself up on her elbow, a hand on her cheek; to watch the girl sleep.

“You can keep going, I haven’t heard this story.”  Rotuz called down from above.  She smiled, glancing up at the bottom of the ramp.

“When they had cleared away the demons around Hellscream’s memorial, the Orc pulled the woman’s sword from its sheath and handed it to her. ‘Take the heads for Thrall.’ Was all he told her.  And while the look she gave him in response was mortified, she did not flinch as she removed the heads.  Rather, the Orc would come to say he saw her gain strength with every head removed and knew then of the fury that resided in her soul.  After a night of rest the two returned to Orgimmar and again, the Orc took one of the woman’s blades.  This time her dagger.  And with it he cut the palm of his hand only to smear the blood over the Elf woman’s cheeks.  ‘May all of Azeroth know that today, Irinyes Starsong has been reborn into the Cursebreaker Clan, may she hold the Marks of Deed and the name of the Clan with the honour of her years.’  The Orc would shout for all of Orgimmar to hear.”

“Good story.”  Rotuz mused.

“Yeah…” Rinny smiled, nodding once as she began to drift off into sleep.


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