A Collection of Fan Fiction from WoW, SWG and more!

A Darkspear and a Sin’dorei (Erzulie In’ama and Rinny Cursebreaker – WoW)

A wolf slept on the docks of Booty Bay, it seemed to be waiting for something or someone as there was no apparent master.  The Elf took little note of its presence and rather continued on her way, leaving the walled cove.  The wolf followed.  Nothing in the volatile jungles of Stranglethorn Vale seemed to come near the wolf or Irinyes. The bard seemed sure it was the sight of her bow that kept them at bay, failing to pay more than a moment’s attention to the wolf. 

“Ju dun even feed ah friend?” A thick Zandalari drawl came from outside the makeshift tent the bard           had made for herself as the sun sunk into the sea.  With a face contorted in confusion, she poked her head outside of the tent and found herself staring at a rather large Troll woman.  A frightening Troll woman.  She was grinning from ear to ear, displaying a mouth full of teeth that could easily rip apart the little Elf’s flesh.  She was heavily scarred and seemed to carry an ancient air about her.  Rather than responding, Irinyes tossed the Troll woman a large strip of plainstrider jerky.  The troll laughed at the Elf.  “Ah dun relah wan’ ju food.”

“Then what would you like?” She asked, her usual melodic voice sounding both annoyed and exhausted.

“Dun see ju kin ‘ere ahny mo’.  Mez Erzulie be curious.  ‘Specialeh when da spirits be tellin’ me ta look fer ju.” The troll woman laughed again, the sound crackling like lightning.  “Da spirits, dey say lots o’ tings.  Ahn Elf dat need ta find da Zandalar doh, ooooh! Mez Erzulie come ta take ju ta dem.  Ahn make sho dey dun eat de ickle one.” Again, the cackling laughter.

“When will Miss Erzulie be coming?” Again, a question.  Irinyes rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stepped outside of her makeshift tent.

“Ah be Mez Erzulie.  Erzulie Okanu Thyrsos o’ da Darkspeah.” She cackles, and for the first time in the moonlight, the bard notices the stormy orange eyes of the woman.

“Why do you have three names?”

“Ah liked ‘em. Sa, ah took ‘em.” An answer punctuated by the nearly maniacal laughter.  “Wha deys call ju?”

“Irinyes Starsong.”

“Ta Elvish. Ahn ju na’ mus of ahn Elf. Ju be Rinneh-bird fo’ now on.”

Irinyes remembers the journey to Yojimbo Isle vividly, as it was a journey that would become instinctual over the years.  The Shadowhunter Erzulie led the Bard not only to the home of what was left of the Zandalari in the Eastern Kingdoms, but to a new place altogether.

“ ‘Ere ya drink dis.”  She said, punctuating her statement with the trademark cackle.  In her hand was a dried husk of a gourd filled with a sweet, tangy scented liquid that looked too much like watered down fecal matter for Rinny’s taste.

“What is it?”

“Ahlwa’s wit ju questions.  Dis make ju see da spirits.  Da Loas.  Ju be knowin’ ah place after dis.  Ju see who ju be.  Ah don’ guide ya wrong.”

“No, you certainly doesn’t…” She mumbled under her breath.  She took the gourd from the troll carefully, as to keep the rich and heady juice from sloshing over the sides.  Her mind was aflame with ideas of what she would see, or hear.  Enough voices flooded her to make her think this decision over a dozen times.  And she silenced them all when she drank it down as quickly as she could.  The Shadowhunter grinned wolfishly.

The whole of her back stung, the pain of thousands of pinpricks driving her awake.  She knew not what had happened, nor could she find the Shwdowhunter.    Irinyes knew  not what she had seen in her fugue.  Erzulie had watched over her in this delicate state had tattooed her back, entirely.  She allowed her visions to guide her hand.  The faces of the Loas; Anansi, Shango, Loku and Ezili. She had captured them all in a vast myriad of intricate needlework’s, underlining them with the pain of the Lamentations.


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